After the addition of multilingual closed captions – via speech-to-text, manual transcription and auto-translation – as options for real-time audio translation, Clevercast has now become by far the most comprehensive platform for multilingual live video.

Not only does it match the features of traditional RSI platforms, but it offers an additional, extensive list of options and enhancements as well.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Clevercast Translate at Home (T@H) has a full RSI feature set, which can be compared to platforms like Interprefy, KUDO and Voiceboxer.

Interpreters can use Clevercast to watch and listen to a live video stream from a remote location, and interpret in real time. They don’t need any special software or hardware, just a web browser and headset.

Clevercast T@H was developed in collaboration with interpreters. It contains all necessary features for optimal simultaneous interpretation, such as:

  • a responsive and easy-to-use interface with great video and audio quality
  • an intuitive handover process for interpreters working in pairs, plus the possibility to listen to partners and the floor audio simultaneously
  • support for interpreter relay (translation as source for another translation)
  • bilingual language rooms which allow to have multiple languages translated by the same interpreters, in turn
  • sliders allowing dynamic adjustment of both the volume of the floor audio and the voice of the relay or partner interpreter
  • communication via text chat with partner(s) and event manager(s)
  • possibility for an event manager to listen to separate interpreters and adjust the floor audio volume in the background
  • possibility to test the RSI connection of an interpreter at the push of a button

Clevercast ensures that participants in a conference can listen to the translations in real time. Remote participants can watch the video stream and listen to the translations.

Additionally, unlike other RSI platforms, Clevercast also allows for a multilingual live stream that can be watched by an unlimited number of global viewers in an embedded player on your website or on a third-party platform (like Swapcard, Hubilo, Hybr and many others). Since Clevercast uses adaptive streaming, even viewers with a basic internet connection can enjoy a smooth stream. The multilingual video player allows them to switch to their preferred language while watching the video.

Also unlike any other platform, Clevercast can simulcast streams (video with a simultaneous translation of your choice) to single-language audio platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo…


Multilingual live broadcast (local simultaneous interpretation)

Furthermore, Clevercast can be used to broadcast a multilingual live stream with local interpreters. In that case, multiple audio streams are sent to Clevercast along with the video stream. For two languages, this is possible with any software or hardware encoder by sending a single stereo track with L+R panning.

For more than two languages, it can be achieved by sending multiple audio tracks or channels. The SRT broadcast protocol, the open source replacement for the older RTMP protocol, has built-in support for this. Several hardware encoders, like Haivision’s Makito X series, can send up to 16 languages. More and more encoder software, like OBS and vMix, also supports multilingual SRT broadcasts. If you prefer RTMP, you can do this by using multiple channels with OBS Studio.

Clevercast does server-side transmuxing and transcoding (for adaptive streaming) to make a multilingual live stream available to your viewers, in the same way as described above.


Multilingual Closed Captions

Clevercast also supports multilingual closed captions, even in combination with simultaneous interpretation. The closed captions can be added in various ways:

  • Speech-to-text conversion with (optional) manual correction. The speech in a live video stream can be automatically converted into closed captions by using a speech-to-text service. Before they are shown in the video player (or auto-translated into other languages), the closed captions can be corrected by a human editor using a browser.
  • Transcription in real time: humans can use Clevercast to type the transcription in real time using a browser, resulting in closed captions in the video player.
  • Automatic translation: closed captions resulting from speech-to-text conversion and manual captioning can be automatically translated into closed captions in multiple languages.

The live stream is sent in the same way as described above. The embedded player will have a closed caption menu which allows your viewers to choose their preferred language at any point in the live stream.


Extra benefits

Finally, as a professional live streaming platform, Clevercast has many more advantages:

  • A customizable video player with automatic failover, interactivity, access protection and lots of other features.
  • Server-side recording: the simultaneous audio translations and closed captions are recorded server-side together with the video stream.
  • Video on-Demand conversion and hosting: the multilingual recording can be published on a global CDN afterwards, so you can embed a multilingual VoD player (in the same way as the live stream).
  • Possible ingest from different sources, for example Zoom, Streamyard, Restream, Lightstream….
  • A full fledged streaming platform, which can also be used for single language streams, with detailed analytics.
  • Support for simulive streaming with multiple languages and closed captions.

If you want to test Clevercast, feel free to request a trial account. If you still have questions, check out our FAQs or send a message.