Clevercast Translate@Home supports interpreter relay and interpreter coaching. The interpreter relay dropdown (below the real-time player) allows interpreters to listen to an interpreter of a different language in real time and use this as the source of their translation.

This way, interpreters don’t need to be proficient in every speaker’s language. They can use another translation as the audio source instead.

This feature can also be used to allow interpreters to coach each other for the same language. An interpreter, who is not translating, can listen to his or her translating colleague and give instructions via text chat.


Listen in real time to other interpreters

The language room interface contains a new ‘Interpreter Relay‘ dropdown button (in the bottom-left corner). By default this is set to Disabled, which means the interpreter will only hear the floor audio when the video is playing. At any time, an interpreter can use the Interpreter Relay dropdown to select one of the translations.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation with Interpreter Relay

This is a Dutch interpreter room with interpreter relay set to Russian, as seen in the bottom-left corner. 

When a translation is selected, the real-time player lets you listen to both the floor audio and the incoming translation. You can use the sliders (below the player) to change the relative volume of the translation and the floor audio.

When an interpreter only wants to hear the floor audio, all s/he has to do is select Disabled in the interpreter relay dropdown again. The player will immediately switch back to the floor audio without translation.

For more info, see the T@H Interpreter Manual.