Demo of AI-Powered Live Captions

Any number of closed captions

99+% accuracy for live AI captions in common languages

Pronunciation, speed and accent are not an issue

Just-in-time correction interface is available for 100% accuracy

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For an indication of the difference in accuracy and readability with other platforms, we recorded the same live stream with auto-generated captions in Clevercast, YouTube and Vimeo. All recordings are unedited. The live stream featured a number of different speakers, each with their own speech pattern and accent.

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The live stream used excerpts from the following videos available June 20, 2023 under a CC-BY 4.0 license:

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship by Jason Schmitt
Will saving poor children lead to overpopulation? Free material from WWW.GAPMINDER.ORG

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