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On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions about our platform and services in general. If you have questions about our plans and pricing, see our pricing page. If you have questions about a specific solution, see the FAQs for multilingual live captions and simulive streaming.

Top Platform Questions

Do all live streams work on mobile?

Yes. Clevercast Player works on every modern device and browser. The embedded player shows all available closed captions and audio languages through a dropdown menu, also on iOS and Android devices.

Clevercast does real-time server-side transcoding of your broadcast into multiple video resolutions which are all available to the player. For each viewer, Clevercast player will automatically choose the best possible resolution and switch to a different one if necessary (depending on screen size, bandwidth, GPU, CPU). See our explanation of adaptive bitrate streaming for more info.

Do you have worldwide coverage? How many viewers can watch a live stream?

Clevercast uses Akamai for live stream delivery, so viewers anywhere in the world will receive the stream from a local server. The number of viewers is almost unlimited. But if you expect more than 100.000 simultaneous viewers, we would appreciate a heads-up.

What about China?

Only companies located in China and having a specific Chinese business license are allowed to use edge servers in mainland China. This also applies to global CDNs that provide worldwide delivery. Since we’re not a Chinese company, we don’t have such a license.

But the global CDNs we use for stream delivery have other edge servers which are geographically sufficiently close (e.g. Hongkong) for HD video streaming to viewers in mainland China. In practice, our live streams have good reception in China (extensively tested by several of our customers). But since the Chinese government requires all traffic to pass through their Great Firewall – over which they have full control – there is no way to guarantee this with complete certainty.

Do I need a special encoder to broadcast to Clevercast?

No. Broadcasts can be sent with any encoder (e.g. OBS, Wirecast), in-browser studio (eg. Streamyard, or third-party solution that supports RTMP or SRT (eg. vMix, Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx).

How many languages are possible per live stream?

The number of closed caption languages is unlimited. The number of audio languages is also unlimited if you use Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. If you do a multilingual broadcast, the number of audio languages is limited by the capacities of your SRT or RTMP encoder.

Can I use Clevercast with my own interpreters or captioners?

Of course. Clevercast is a SaaS solutions, designed for any interpreter and captioner to use it without training.

Can you provide interpreters or captioners for my event?

Yes, we can provide services tailored to your needs. We can help you manage your event, source suitable interpreters and captioners, monitor your live stream and more.

Do you provide event support?

Yes, we offer Premium support for a guaranteed response time and customized help. It comes with a private Slack channel, through which you can directly contact our support engineers.

The cost depends on the days and hours during which your event takes place and the required level of service. Please provide us with this info when contacting us for an offer.

By default, what is the latency of a live stream?

Because we are using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol – to allow smooth streaming to any device and platform – live streams will have a typical latency of 18-30 seconds, but this may be slightly higher on some connections and devices (with a maximum of 2 minutes on iOS devices).

For custom projects, we may be able to configure your account to use smaller HLS segments and latency. But take into account that this also results in the player doing less buffering, which causes disruptions to viewers with a slow internet connection.

Note: if you use closed captions through speech-to-text conversion, the live stream has a delay of about 1 minute, which is necessary to improve accuracy and readability of the captions and allows for near real-time correction.

Is simultaneous interpretation also available in real-time?

Yes, it is possible for event participants – at the event location or at home – to listen to a simultaneous translation in real time, without any latency. This is possible both with a video player and an audio-only player.

This is currently an optional feature. So let us know in advance if you need it.

Can live streams be simulcasted?

Clevercast supports RTMP simulcasts (if included in your plan). This is possible for all types of live streams (single, multilingual, simulive).

In case of live streams with multiple audio languages, you can simulcast the video stream in combination with a language of choice. This is an optional features, so let us know in advance if you need it.

Does Clevercast record all live streams with audio languages and captions?

Clevercast makes a cloud recording of the live stream, which can be downloaded afterwards.

In case of a multilingual live stream, all audio streams will be part of the downloaded MP4 file. Closed captions can be separately downloaded as WebVTT files.

Is it possible to create an on-demand video with extra audio languages and closed captions?

Yes. A server-side recording can be published to Video on-Demand. Or you can upload a single-language video and add audio languages and closed captions to it.

The embed code of a multilingual on-demand video can be copied to your website or event platform in the same way as a live stream.

Which platform should I choose?

Use our enterprise platform if you need to embed our player in your site or in a third-party platform.

If you need a fully hosted solution with a branded webpage, viewer registration and interactive features, you can use our webinar platform.

All types of multilingual live streaming are available in both platforms.

How and where can I embed your player?

You can simply copy the player embed copy (iFrame or direct link) in Clevercast.

Clevercast player can be embedded in your site and in all third-party platforms that support iFrame or direct link embedding.

Is Clevercast secure and GDPR compliant?

Our data is stored on our own servers located in private racks in several separate ISO 27001-compliant data centers within the EU. All hardware and software is monitored 24/7, with automated alerts for possible threats or malfunctions. We use encryption technology to secure the transmission of sensitive data and to protect information stored on our systems. Data is never shared, nor is it accessible to third parties.

We are fully GDPR compliant.

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