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Why Clevercast?

Make your video shine

The Clevercast HTML5 video player is one of the most complete solutions on the market, with a wide array of options to brand the player for a consistent look & feel.

Make it interactive

With the Clevercast timeline editor you can layer clickable call-to-actions on top of the video, contributing to more and faster conversions.

Publish and distribute

Clevercast comes with your own private video hosting solution, but just as well integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any third-party CDN. Upload once, view anywhere.

Go live

Live broadcasting has never been easier, regardless of where your viewers are. With Clevercast Simulcasting you only need one dashboard to livestream to your own website, intranet, social media, or all at the same time.

Share and collaborate

Securely share video in a private enviroment, collaborate and comment in small teams, and safely share knowledge within your intranet.

Get to know your audience

Plays and views are just the beginning. Go further and acquire deep insights in viewers behaviour, and track in-video clicks and conversions.

Manage your library

Keep an overview with one central repository for all your video content. Perform bulk actions and manage users, roles and permissions.


Pay-per-view integration and subscription based access to video offer unrivaled opportunities for monetizing your video content.

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Connect with Clevercast Webinars

Webinars are an excellent tool to showcase your industry leadership, and at the same time engage in a direct conversation with your customers, employees or trainees. Clevercast takes webinars to the next level with a brand new interactive player, an advanced yet easy to manage registration workflow, extensive recording and video editing tools, and a complete VOD management solution.

All pure HTML, no plugins or installation required!

Upload, customize, publish, measure.
It's as simple as that

Uploading, editing and publishing video content shouldn’t require any techncial skills, nor should it be time consuming. Clevercast allows for a fully automated distribution of your content to multiple video channels. Enter title and tags once, and Clevercast will sync it to your social media channels, corporate CMS or any other platform able to communicate over the web.

Engage viewers with in-video calls to action

With the Clevercast timeline editor you can layer interactive, clickable calls to action on top of the video, such as a Buy now button, a link to a specific product page, a feedback form or a custom call-to-action. Apart from speeding up purchase decisions this can also greatly improve the viewing experience. With buttons you can add a navigation structure to your video, so a viewer can jump immediately to relevant fragments within the video or load related content.

Go live whenever the situation calls for it

Clevercast proves that live webcasts don’t have to be stressful. A single dashboard provides all the tools you need to broadcast internal messages or training sessions to your private intranet, as well as public events, marketing chats or social media product launches.

Schedule a livestream whenever you feel like it, preview and go live. Realtime analytics provide you with immediate feedback on the numbers of viewers and there whereabouts, while the Clevercast online recorder ensures that those who missed the broadcast can catch up afterwards.