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Demo: multilingual live streaming with closed captions

Use the CC menu to select closed captions and the headphone menu to switch audio language. A new livestream starts every half hour and lasts 15 minutes.

Video: Tears of steel | (CC) Blender Foundation | Since no audio translations are available, we added a voice over to the extra audio languages that tells you to which language you are listening.

Multilingual live streaming to global audiences

Our platform and embeddable player are an all-in solution for multilingual live streaming, including:

Clevercast player can be embedded in your site, or integrated in your favorite application for virtual or hybrid events (eg. Swapcard, Hubilo, Slido, Prezi, Docebo…).

Upon request, we can source interpreters and captioners to ensure audio translations and closed captions in high quality.

Best-in-class cloud solution for any event

Clevercast starts where other remote interpreting solutions stop. Rather than targeting a limited number of participants in a controlled environment, our live streams are open to an unlimited number of global viewers.

WebRTC is only used to add remote translations to the live stream. All live streams are delivered via the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol using global CDNs. Video streams are encoded in real time and streamed in multiple resolutions.

  • Clevercast supports any number of languages.
  • Clevercast player works on all browsers and devices.
  • Streams are stable and scalable under all circumstances.
  • Streams can be watched globally by an unlimited number of viewers.
  • Streams are delivered in multiple resolutions using adaptive streaming, allowing for full HD streams while ensuring smooth streaming for all viewers.
  • Streams can be recorded server-side and published as multilingual Video on-Demand.

Clevercast also supports interpreters in the studio. Using an SRT broadcast, you can send up to 16 languages. Using an RTMP broadcast, you can sent up to 7 languages.

Translate@Home can be used with restreamed video sources. For intercontinental RTMP broadcasts, you can use our ingest hub.

Clevercast makes a server-side recording of your multilingual live stream. It allows you to publish and embed a multilingual Video on-Demand.

Clevercast player can be integrated in your favorite application for virtual or hybrid events (eg. Swapcard). This only requires copying the link from Clevercast.

Clevercast supports broadcasting simultaneously translated live streams to platforms that don’t support multilingual video (like YouTubeFacebookTwitter …).

Simulive or pseudo-live streaming makes it easy to start numerous live streams at the same time, by scheduling everything in advance. Viewers experience a regular live stream. They have no way of telling any difference.

Clevercast has detailed real time and aggregated statistics for live and VoD.

Extensive set of features and services

Clevercast provides an all-in-one SaaS platform with all sort of features for live and on-demand video streaming, management, distribution, monetization and analytics.

The platform is fast, reliable and scalable. It includes a customizable HTML5 player that can be embedded in any site or platform and provides an optimal experience on every device and platform.

Broadcasts can be sent with any encoderin-browser studio (eg. Streamyard, or third-party solution that supports RTMP or SRT (eg. vMixZoom).

Our plans depend on your needs. As part of our premium services, we can source interpreters and captioners to ensure audio translations and closed captions in high quality, help you manage your project, monitor your live stream and provide immediate assistance during a live stream.

Self-service solutions for any budget

Clevercast is a self-service, cloud-based solution that lets you work with your own interpreters. No intake is needed. Just request a trial account, follow our guides and start testing. Our interfaces are designed to make things as intuitive as possible. If you have a question, our support team can help.

Translate@Home lets you to set up a multilingual live stream without external project managers and large budgets. It doesn’t require specialist knowledge, just some testing with the help of our tutorials and manuals.

With features like interpreter relay, automatic floor volume adjustment, interpreter handover and bilingual language rooms, Translate@Home ensures that interpreters can focus on translating without having to deal with technical aspects.

Of course, premium support is available if you have a high-profile event and want some extra help.

Clevercast Translate at Home (T@H) lets you send a multilingual live stream using remote simultaneous interpretation.

No interpreters have to be present at the event. They can watch the live stream at home and translate it in real time via their browser.

Clevercast merges all translated audio streams with the broadcasted video and audio. The result is delivered as a global live stream with multiple audio languages.

If your interpreters are present in the studio, you can send all audio streams along with the video stream. Clevercast supports multiple broadcast protocols to do this:

» An SRT broadcast with multiple audio tracks (eg via OBS, vMix or a hardware encoder)

» An RTMP stream with multiple audio channels (via OBS)

If you only need two languages, you can use any encoder to send a stereo broadcast (RTMP or SRT) to Clevercast in which the languages are panned L+R.

Finally, it’s possible to send a separate RTMP broadcast per language. In that case, you can also have a translation to sign-language (not included in our standard plans).

Clevercast allows multilingual closed captions for a live stream to be generated automatically through speech-to-text (with the ability to edit them before they are shown), or manually through real time transcription. In the Clevercast backend, simply select the languages for which to provide closed captions. Any number of languages is possible.

Both types of closed his can be combined with auto-translations into multiple languages of closed captions and audio translations via Translate@Home.

Simulive streaming – or pseudo-live streaming as we call it – means that pre-recorded videos are scheduled to be broadcasted as live streams. Viewers experience a regular live stream. They have no way of telling the difference.

A pseudo-live stream, like any other live stream, is delivered through the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.

Pseudo-live streaming makes it easy to produce complex events with a lot of multiple simultaneous sessions, different audio languages and closed captions.

If you don’t have a website or third-party platform in which to embed our video player, consider using Clevercast Webinar.

Clevercast Webinar lets you decide how participants can get access (eg registration, invitation) and interact (eg public or private text chat, audience polls, surveys).

It is a flexible and extensible solution used for conferences, presentations, e-learning, press conferences, corporate communication, town hall meetings… The appearance and behaviour of the application can be adapted to the kind of event.

Clevercast Webinar supports all sorts of multilingual and pseudo-live streaming.

Clevercast Enterprise support single language live streaming and Video on-Demand. It includes all necessary features for live and on-demand video management, distribution, monetization and analytics.

It is a turnkey solution. There’s no need for a separate player, transcoding engine, CDN … Just configure your ad URL in Clevercast, upload videos and copy their embed codes to your site.

Clevercast Enterprise guarantees 24/7 adaptive streaming in high quality and is resistant to peaks in traffic. For annual contracts, our prices are more competitive than Vimeo and many others.

Clevercast Learning offers you the opportunity to convert your training into online video training with verified attendance, eligible for accreditation by professional associations and government agencies.

Our cloud-based video platform offers a complete solution for interactive live and on-demand video courses, suited for both training providers and businesses. It allows you to automate and follow up learning processes, without losing your personal touch.

Clevercast is fully GDPR compliant. Our data is stored on our own servers located in private racks in several separate ISO 27001-compliant datacenters within the EU. All hardware and software is monitored 24/7, with automated alerts for possible threats or malfunctions.

As preferred video production and livestream partner for countless international companies since 2005, our engineers are experienced in all aspects of producing and distributing a live stream.

For premium events, you can hire us to work together with your audiovisual partner to pick up their video signal for further processing, encoding and delivery to your online audience.

More than multilingual

With the Clevercast timeline editor you can layer interactive, clickable calls to action on top of the video, such as a Buy now button, a link to a specific product page, a feedback form or a custom call-to-action. Apart from speeding up purchase decisions this can also greatly improve the viewing experience. With buttons you can add a navigation structure to your video, so a viewer can jump immediately to relevant fragments within the video or load related content.

Clevercast is trusted by these lovely customers

Why Clevercast?

Make your video shine

The Clevercast HTML5 video player is one of the most complete solutions on the market, with a wide array of options to brand the player for a consistent look & feel.

Make it interactive

With the Clevercast timeline editor you can layer clickable call-to-actions on top of the video, contributing to more and faster conversions.

Publish and distribute

Clevercast comes with your own private video hosting solution, but just as well integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any third-party CDN. Upload once, view anywhere.

Go live

Live broadcasting has never been easier, regardless of where your viewers are. With Clevercast Simulcasting you only need one dashboard to livestream to your own website, intranet, social media, or all at the same time.

Share and collaborate

Securely share video in a private enviroment, collaborate and comment in small teams, and safely share knowledge within your intranet.

Get to know your audience

Plays and views are just the beginning. Go further and acquire deep insights in viewers behaviour, and track in-video clicks and conversions.

Manage your library

Keep an overview with one central repository for all your video content. Perform bulk actions and manage users, roles and permissions.


Pay-per-view integration and subscription based access to video offer unrivaled opportunities for monetizing your video content.

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