Multilingual live streaming made easy

Clevercast lets you deliver live streams with multiple audio languages and very accurate closed captions, using the latest AI technologies. Viewers, anywhere in the world, can watch the stream and select their preferred language in our multilingual video player.

Get a solution for any multilingual live stream

Our platform and embeddable player are an all-in solution for multilingual live streaming to an unlimited number of worldwide viewers. Live streams are delivered through the Akamai CDN using adaptive bitrate streaming. This way, speed, reliability and scalability are guaranteed. In addition, conference or meeting participants can receive translations in realtime.

Live Multilingual AI Subtitles

Add AI-powered closed captions to your livestream with perfect accuracy. To enhance quality, (optional) human correction in real-time can be used. The original captions can be auto-translated by AI into any number of languages.

By using the best AI and leveraging the latency inherent in the HLS protocol, Clevercast vastly improves the accuracy and readibility of closed captions in your live stream (see demo). Even when multiple languages are spoken in the live stream, our AI stays on point.

Clevercast webinar

Live AI Speech Translations

Add any number of audio translations to a live stream using the most advanced AI technologies, which recognize the words spoken in your live stream and translate them in real-time using natural-sounding AI voices.

It lets you drastically reduce your costs and simplify your workflow, by not having to hire human interpreters for each language. A combination with human interpreters (for certain languages) and closed captions (by AI or by humans) is possible.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Add any number of audio translations to a live stream using remote simultaneous interpretation, using our award-winning Translate@Home technology.

Interpreters can be anywhere in the world, watching the live stream in real-time via their browser and adding high-quality audio translations. Interpreter relay, handover and other collaboration tools are available.

Get accurate closed captions in your live stream human transcription

Live Human Subtitling

Clevercast is the leading solution for remote subtitling, with support for re-speaking software, stenotype keyboards and scripted events. To enhance quality, (optional) correction in real-time is possible.

Live human subtitles may be required for events with strict specifications. They can be supplemented by automatic conversion to AI speech translations and/or multilingual AI captions.

Multilingual Broadcasts

Clevercast accepts RTMP or SRT broadcasts with multiple audio tracks and channels, and turns them into multilingual live streams.

This lets you add audio translations of the highest quality to your live stream, with on-site interpreters in interpreting booths.

Multilingual Simulive Streams

Turn pre-recorded videos into live streams with any number of audio languages and closed captions.

The stream is delivered like any other live stream. Your viewers have no way of telling the difference.

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Multilingual Live Streaming, Tailored to Your Needs

Effortless and Affordable

Clevercast offers a solution for any kind of multilingual live stream, no matter what the specifications are. Our leading AI innovations allow you to cut costs, human intervention to meet the highest quality standards.

Our embeddable and customizable player ensures that viewers, anywhere in the world, can watch your live stream in their own language. If you have a question, just contact us.

Use the headphone menu to select audio languages and the CC menu for closed captions.

Experience the Difference: Superior AI-Powered Interpretation & Captions

Bridging the Gap Between AI and Accuracy

Clevercast's unique AI solution allows you to vastly improve the accuracy and readability of closed captions during a live stream, compared to all other solutions on the market. For the first time, you can simply rely on AI to add highly accurate captions to your live stream. You can even attain 100% accuracy, by using our real-time correction interface in the cloud (upon request, we can also find correctors for you). If you prefer AI speech translations, this too is possible without additional effort or cost.

Get accurate closed captions in your live stream STT

AI converts the live stream audio to closed captions


Our leading Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology generates 99+% accurate captions. It supports any language, including streams with multiple languages.

Clevercast Learning

Enhance captions with real-time editing and vocabularies


Users can (optionally) edit the AI generated captions in real-time, before they are translated and streamed. Keyword vocabularies improve recognition and accuracy of specific terms.

Get accurate closed captions in your live stream TTT

AI translates the captions into any number of languages


Our top-tier AI language models let you add closed captions in multiple languages cost-effectively. With accurate source captions, expect top-notch translation quality.

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AI turns translations into natural-sounding voices


Choose gender and dialect for each speech language to translate into. Clevercast ensures that the translations are available in the live player, in sync with the live audio stream..

World-class support and services for global events

Clevercast includes all necessary features to get started yourself with live and on-demand video streaming. In addition, we can provide different levels of support and extensive services. This way, anyone can produce a multilingual live stream.

Technical Support

Clevercast is designed as self-service platform, letting you use our AI solutions and/or hire correctors, interpreters or captioners yourself. Our plans depend on your needs. We can offer premium support for a guaranteed response time and service level.

Managed Service

We can help you ensure a successful event, by sourcing correctors, interpreters or captioners for optimal quality and accuracy. We can ensure the best possible experience for your viewers, by helping you manage your project, monitor your live stream and provide prompt assistance.

All-in-one streaming platform

Clevercast provides an all-in-one enterprise platform with all sorts of features for live and on-demand video streaming, management, distribution, monetization and analytics.

The platform is fast, reliable and scalable. It includes a customizable HTML5 player that can be embedded in any site or platform and provides an optimal experience on every device and platform.

If you need a fully hosted solution with a customizable webpage, viewer registration and interactive features, you can use our webinar platform.

Embed our multilingual live player in any site or platform

Provide real-time translations to conference or meeting participants

Simulcast to YouTube, Facebook and other third-party platforms

Limit stream accessibility based on IP address, domain and country

Get detailed analytics for live and Video on-Demand

Download multilingual cloud recordings and publish them as VoD

Use our REST API's and player JS API to customize or integrate

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Flawless HD streaming
to global audiences

Clevercast starts where other remote interpreting solutions stop. Rather than targeting a limited number of participants in a controlled environment, our live streams are open to an unlimited number of global viewers.

They are delivered through the Akamai CDN with edge servers all over the world.


Clevercast automatically transcodes your broadcast to multiple resolutions for adaptive bitrate streaming.

This allows for full HD streaming, while also delivering smooth streams to viewers with small screens or poor internet connections. Clevercast also supports redundant setups with automatic failover by the player.

Why global organizations trust Clevercast for all types of events

Don’t hesitate to break down the language barriers and expand your reach. We have supported tens of thousands of events and are trusted by clients all over the world.

Optimal video quality

Streams are delivered in multiple resolutions using adaptive streaming, allowing for full HD streams while ensuring smooth streaming for all viewers.

One-stop shop

Our platform comes with all bells and whistles: simulcasting, real time access, server-side recording, VoD hosting, analytics and a player that can be integrated anywhere.

Rock steady platform

Streams can be watched globally by an unlimited number of viewers on all browsers and devices. Clevercast supports fully redundant set ups, with automatic player failover.

Technology driven

We use AI for speech-to-text conversion and text-to-text translation of captions, but also to improve the experience of Clevercast users and live stream viewers.

User friendly

Clevercast is developed in collaboration with event managers, interpreters and transcribers, aiming for ease of use and a low threshold to entry.



All data is stored in ISO 27001-compliant data centers within the EU. All hardware and software is monitored 24/7. Encryption is used to secure data transmission.


Speed, reliability, scalability

Clevercast partners with Akamai to deliver streams as close to viewers as possible. Akamai’s CDN has unparalleled capacity and scale, with edge servers in all parts of the world.

World-class support

Our support engineers are always ready to help with accurate answers to your questions. Upon request we offer guaranteed response times and service levels.

For any budget

We have monthly and annual plans, allowing all customers to choose a plan that fit their needs. Premium support and custom services are possible, depending on your needs.

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