Streaming Media Magazine, the leading trade journal for the online video industry, has announced the shortlist for their annual Streaming Media European Innovation Awards. These awards allow readers to vote for the online video products and services they find the most innovative and valuable. More than 10,000 readers vote every year.

In 2020, Clevercast was voted best European Services Provider. Last year, Translate@Home (T@H) was shortlisted as one of the streaming innovations of 2021.

Since then, our developers have not rested on their laurels. In addition to lots of new T@H features, we added support for hybrid events to let event participants watch and/or listen to translations in real time. And thanks to simulive streaming – indistinguishable from other live streams – our customers can effortlessly schedule live streams for a global audience in any language and at any time of the day.

But our most impressive achievement of 2022 is surely the possibility to add multilingual closed captions to live streams. This feature is unique to Translate@Home. No other streaming software or service is currently able to offer it. Therefore, we are very pleased that Translate@Home with multilingual closed captions has been shortlisted as Streaming Innovation of the Year.


Multilingual closed captions

Instead of burning single-language subtitles into a broadcasted video, our platform allows you to add closed captions in as many languages as you like. Your viewers can simply select their preferred closed caption language in the menu of our embedded video player. This is possible on all devices and platforms and can be combined with audio translations.

Clevercast allows closed captions to be added to a live stream in several ways:

  • Speech-to-text conversion with manual correction. The speech in a live video stream can be automatically converted into closed captions. Before the captions are shown in the video player (or auto-translated into other languages), they can still be corrected by a human editor in a browser.
  • Transcription in real time: human captioners can use Clevercast for transcription in real time, for example by using a stenotype keyboard or by using speech-recognition software. Your captioners don’t need to be present in the studio, they just need a decent internet connection, computer and browser.
  • Automatic translation: closed captions resulting from speech-to-text conversion and manual transcription can be automatically translated into other languages.


Vote Clevercast!

If you like our solutions, be sure to cast your vote before July 25th. Voting is easy: just go to the dedicated website and select Clevercast in the three categories for which we are shortlisted. Enter your email address (name and company are optional) and press submit. Afterwards, you will receive an email to confirm your vote.

If you are not familiar with our solutions, feel free to contact us for more information or request a trial account.