Continuing education is required for more and more professions such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, notaries, lawyers, auditors, surveyors, accountants, tax consultants, etc. To this end, courses are set up that must meet specific accreditation requirements. Nowadays, these courses are increasingly offered online.

Clevercast Learning allows training providers to set up and manage their own platform for accredited video courses quickly and easily. It has been nominated for best Education Video Platform of 2019 by Streaming Media Magazine.

Clevercast Learning contains all kinds of settings to adjust the behaviour of your application and the standards for accreditation. After all, these can differ per profession, organization or country. For example, you can require the user to watch a certain portion of the video(s) and/or answer a certain percentage of questions correctly. This functionality can be expanded, depending on new accreditation requirements.

The way users are rewarded can also be configured, such as granting credit points and certificates. Clevercast Learning provides an optimal experience on all devices (desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android …). Our intuitive interfaces are available in multiple languages and offer a pleasant learning experience. Presentations with slides are displayed in a dual canvas, which can be controlled by the viewer. Learning modules can consist of multiple videos and can be offered according to language, role or status of the user.

Clevercast Learning uses encryption and is fully GDPR compliant. Administrators can determine the look & feel of the application and have access to statistics and reports. Our APIs allow for an integration with your CMS or external solutions (e.g. authentication of users, allocation of credit points).

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