Clevercast has won multiple streaming innovation awards for its live AI subtitling, which achieves 99+% accuracy without human intervention and 100% accuracy with real-time correction.

But did you know that accurate closed captions can also be generated for a live stream in which different languages are spoken?

If your floor audio contains speakers in different languages, our AI solution will:

  • automatically detect the language that is being spoken in the floor audio, at any given time
  • convert the speech to text and process the results to display them as closed captions
  • if necessary, translate the captions to the correct language (and any additional languages, in case of multilingual captions)

For example, if your live stream contains English, Spanish and German speakers, Clevercast can automatically make each of these languages available as closed captions. Moreover, you can add extra caption languages, which are not spoken in the live stream.

Below is an unedited recording of a live stream with speakers in two languages. The closed captions were AI-generated in real-time, without any corrections or changes afterwards.

The live stream used excerpts from the following videos available October 26, 2023 under a CC-BY 4.0 license:

Human real-time correction and editing

In general, the accuracy of AI captioning is still more than 90% for mixed live streams (it may be higher depending on the content).

If you want accuracy to be 100%, we recommend using a human real-time corrector. The corrector sees the closed captions in a language that you choose (e.g. English) and is able to edit them in real-time through a user-friendly web interface.

Since all additional caption languages use the corrected captions as the source for AI translation, these will also be very accurate.

We can hire a corrector for you, or you can do it yourself. To learn more, please contact us. Or you can request a free trial account to see for yourself.