Streaming Media Magazine, the go-to trade journal for the online video industry, has revealed the contenders for their prestigious Streaming Media European Innovation Awards. These awards allow readers to vote for the online video products and services they find the most innovative and valuable. More than 10,000 readers vote every year.

We are happy to announce that Clevercast has received three nominations. On the voting form, you can find us in the following categories:

So, if you like our solutions, make sure to cast your vote before July 27th. If you are not familiar with our solutions, feel free to contact us for more information or request a trial account.

Live AI Captioning – Streaming Innovation of the Year

This year has been all about live closed captions generated by AI, as Clevercast has set a new industry standard of 99+% accurate captions. You can now:

Our groundbreaking AI solution ensures that the live audio is correctly converted and translated into text. Moreover, Clevercast makes sure that the captions are easily readable, in line with captioning standards.

Finally, if 99+% accuracy is not enough or if you want to keep control over the captions, we have the perfect solution for you. Clevercast includes a web interface that lets a human editor make real-time corrections to the automatically generated captions. This way, changes can still be made to the captions just before they are shown in the live stream (and translated into other languages). This allows you to provide 100% perfect captions for your live stream, in an easy way and at a low cost.