We’re thrilled to unveil the latest version of our dynamic webinar platform, designed to revolutionize your online gatherings and elevate your virtual events to unprecedented heights! Whether you’re hosting a sales presentation, educational seminar, or press conference, our multi-purpose solution offers unparalleled versatility.

Experience an array of new features meticulously crafted to meet all your webinar needs. From interactive polls and Q&A sessions to breakout rooms and advanced analytics, our platform empowers you to create engaging, interactive, and data-driven sessions that captivate your audience.

The Power of Customization at Your Fingertips

Tailor every aspect of your webinar to reflect your brand’s unique identity effortlessly. With an array of customizable templates and branding options, creating a visually stunning webinar experience has never been easier.

Empower yourself by handpicking the specific content and interactive modules you wish to offer your participants. Among the extensive possibilities are:
🌟 Customized Event Information Display: Showcase details about your event, agenda, and speakers in a visually refined manner, seamlessly aligning with the look and feel of your own website.
💬 Interactive Q&A and Moderated Text Chat: Enable participants to ask questions and engage in real-time discussions with moderators. Or foster engaging discussions among attendees through a moderated text-chat feature.
🤔 Dynamic Quizzes and Audience Polls: Gain valuable insights into participants’ perspectives through interactive quizzes and polls, allowing you to understand their preferences and opinions.
📝 Tailored Surveys and Forms: Craft personalized surveys using a wide array of customizable controls, giving you the freedom to design forms exactly as you desire.
🖼️ Embedded Content: Seamlessly integrate external content such as feeds, graphs and charts, or even third-party solutions like Slido, enhancing your webinar’s interactivity and richness.

Flexible and Seamless Access Management

Clevercast offers a spectrum of access options tailored to suit your event’s unique needs. From highly secured access limited to chosen participants to nearly unrestricted or open events, we provide versatile entry possibilities.

Participants can seamlessly register for your webinar, receiving a personalized and unique link directly via email, ensuring a hassle-free entry process. You have the freedom to incorporate a wide array of customizable controls, giving you full flexibility to design the registration form exactly as you envision. With complete visual freedom, you can craft a registration page that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your audience seamlessly.

Registration page with optimized interface

Need to invite specific participants? No problem! Import them effortlessly and provide access via either a unique link or via username and password, ensuring a smooth login experience for your attendees.

And that’s not all – with our robust API integration, you have the power to handle registration independently and retrieve crucial data, offering unparalleled flexibility for your event management needs.

Responsive Design at its Best

Clevercast Webinar is meticulously designed for optimal performance across all devices. The webinar page now showcases tabs alongside the video player, ensuring easy access to vital content. This maximizes the user experience, especially for those utilizing larger screens, facilitating effortless navigation.

For small screens, the tabs intelligently adjust, remaining conveniently situated below the player. This thoughtful design caters to varying screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly interface regardless of the device being used. With our responsive layout, attendees can engage comfortably and access essential information without compromise, offering an unparalleled viewing experience on any device.

Harness Our Live Streaming and AI Capabilities

Incorporating the robust Clevercast platform, our webinar solution delivers a top-tier video experience, ensuring superior quality for an immersive webinar environment. Leveraging cutting-edge AI features like automatic closed captions and remote simultaneous interpretation, we let you break language barriers and enhance accessibility.

We also offer the unique ability to let Clevercast broadcast pre-recorded videos as live streams, multilingual or not, within your webinar.

Clevercast uses adaptive bitrate streaming. This allows for full HD streaming, while also delivering smooth streams to viewers with small screens or poor internet connections.