Imagine attending a groundbreaking keynote speech, a captivating live panel discussion, or a thought-provoking documentary at a major summit – but the language barrier stands in your way. Traditional subtitles might offer a lifeline, but what if there was a way to experience every nuance, every witty remark, every groundbreaking idea in real-time, regardless of the language being spoken?

Enter our live multilingual AI subtitles with real-time human correction.

  • By using artificial intelligence, event organizers can now provide a truly inclusive experience for global audiences.
  • By hiring a human real-time corrector, the closed caption quality can be absolutely perfect.

Less costs than a human-only setup

In essence, this provides the same service as human simultaneous interpreters or transcribers on site, but only at a fraction of the cost.

  • A traditional setup would cost at least two local interpreters per language, hiring interpreter booths, a complicated video production, more testing hours and travelling costs for everyone involved.
  • For a setup with multilingual subtitles, the total cost is limited to one or two remote correctors (depending on the duration of the live stream) and possibly project management (if you hire them through us).

Better quality than a human-only setup

Here’s how enhanced live AI subtitles are transforming live streams:

  • Real-time accessibility and synchronization: No lag of closed captions compared to the live stream audio. AI can process speech and generate subtitles with minimal delay and keep them perfectly in sync with the video stream.
  • Complete transcription without errors: AI can fully transcribe everything said, with minimal errors (e.g. unknown names). Any errors can be easily corrected by the real-time editor. The result is a word-by-word representation of what was said, optimally divided into captions.
  • Multilingual support: After the correction, AI can translate the final captions into any number of languages. Since this is text-to-text translation, the closed captions in other languages are also just about perfect.
  • Accuracy beyond automation: AI is constantly learning and evolving, offering superior speech-to-text conversion and text-to-translation translation accuracy compared to traditional automated systems.

Better quality than an AI-only setup

Automatic captions powered by AI are a great leap forward, but they can still stumble on names, accents and technical jargon. This leaves viewers confused and frustrated. Clevercast combines the efficiency of AI speech recognition with the critical human touch. Here’s why it’s superior to standard AI captions:

  • Crystal Clear Accuracy: Humans fix AI’s misinterpretations, ensuring every word is captured perfectly.
  • Nuance You Can Hear: Accents, slang, and technical terms are no match for our expert human correctors.
  • Splitting sentences into lines: For example, a corrector can prevent the first or last word of a sentence from appearing on a different line.

The future of events is hybrid, inclusive and multilingual

Enhanced live AI subtitles are more than just a technological advancement; they represent a shift towards a more inclusive and globally connected event experience. As AI continues to develop, we can expect even more sophisticated features, such as sentiment analysis and real-time captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing. The future of high-profile events is multilingual, and enhanced live AI subtitles are paving the way for a more connected and impactful world.