The Makito X4 is a powerful video encoder and streaming device developed by Haivision. It ensures high-quality video streaming for live events. One of the notable features of the Makito X4 is its ability to broadcast multiple audio tracks. With the latest released firmware version 1.5, it allows you to add 16 stereo tracks to the video stream.

The capability to handle up to 16 stereo tracks simultaneously means a significant improvement for multilingual broadcasts. Apart from inputting multiple audio sources, such as microphones or audio mixing consoles, you can assign each source to a specific stereo track.

Clevercast is able to use this for multilingual live streaming. Since you can broadcast two mono languages in each stereo track (panning them L+R), the Makito X4 now has the ability to send a live stream with up to 32 mono languages. Alternatively, you also send a live stream with up to 16 stereo languages.

Find more information on how to setup up your broadcast, see our documentation.