Streaming Media Magazine nominates Translate@Home as best streaming innovation of 2021

Streaming Media Magazine, the leading trade journal for the online video industry, has announced the nominations for their annual Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards allow readers to nominate and vote for the online video products and services they find the most valuable. Last year’s awards saw more than 15,000 votes cast. After […]

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) with Interpreter Relay

Clevercast Translate@Home now supports remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) with interpreter relay. Interpreters can now listen in real time to the audio feed of their colleagues. This way, they no longer need to understand the speaker language. They can use another translation as the audio source instead.   Listen in real time to other interpreters The […]

The joys of pseudo-live streaming

Pseudo-live or simulive streaming makes it easy to stream pre-recorded videos as if they were ‘real’ live streams. Viewers won’t notice any difference. If you have the opportunity to pre-record your event, there are many reasons to opt for a pseudo-live stream. Even if you can also broadcast live, a simulated live stream is often […]

Multilingual live streaming in Swapcard, Docedo, Slido, Hubilo, Prezi

Multilingual live streaming in Swapcard, Docedo, Slido, Hubilo, Prezi …

Clevercast makes it easy to display a multilingual live stream in your favorite third-party application for virtual or hybrid events. Just go to the live event page in Clevercast, copy the direct link (or embed code) and paste it in your 3rd party application. That’s all. When you are live streaming, Clevercast player will automatically […]

Ensuring autoplay for videos and live streams in Clevercast

A question that we are asked very often is: “How do I make sure that my video player starts automatically?” We’ll try to answer this question here, and explain how you can turn on autoplay in Clevercast.   Why doesn’t my video start playing automatically in the browser? The answer is simple: most browser builders have […]

New features for interpreter management in Translate@Home

Clevercast Translate@Home recently added a number of features, which make it easier to help your interpreters during their remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) tasks. You can find them on the ‘Manage Language Rooms’ page. These features are also described in our manual and in the Getting Started with Translate@Home guide.   Listening directly to interpreters, without […]

How to broadcast simultaneously translated live streams to external platforms

If you use Clevercast to broadcast a multilingual live stream, you can also configure it to simulcast the separate language streams to external platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter … Clevercast will use the highest video resolution set for your event and merge it with the audio stream of a particular language. The resulting live stream […]

A better alternative to Interprefy or Interactio for live streaming with simultaneous interpretation

For live streaming with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) Clevercast Translate@Home is probably a better choice than platforms like Interprefy, Voiceboxer and Interactio. These platforms are designed to deliver low latency WebRTC streams to a limited number of participants in a meeting. Clevercast Translate@Home (T@H), on the other hand, uses the HTTP Live Streaming protocol for adaptive […]

Remote simultaneous interpretation of events with different floor languages

The automatic floor audio volume adjustment of Translate@Home (T@H) makes it easy to do Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) of events with different floor languages. This makes T@H a great solution for multilingual live streaming of events, presentations and conferences with remote interpretation to a worldwide audience.   How does it work? When setting up the […]

Simulcast translated live streams to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter …

Apart from live streaming multilingual video in its own player, Clevercast also supports broadcasting simultaneously translated live streams to third party platforms that don’t support multilingual video (like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter …). This way, Clevercast Translate@Home allows you to broadcast a regular live stream to Clevercast – with a single video and audio stream – […]

SRT single and multi-language broadcasts (vMix, Makito, OBS)

The Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol is a relatively recent open source streaming protocol, promoted by the SRT Alliance of which Clevercast is a member. It includes mechanisms for packet recovery while maintaining low latency between encoder and ingest server. It is therefore particularly suited for long-distance and high-quality broadcasting across unreliable and unpredictable networks […]

Multilingual Livestreams from outside of Europe

It is possible to produce multilingual live streams with Clevercast from outside of Europe. But there are a number of things you should know.   1. Our ingest servers are in Europe, but our streaming servers are worldwide Our ingest servers are currently located in Europe, which has consequences for broadcasting to Clevercast from other […]

How to simultaneously translate a Zoom meeting and add it your website

Clevercast Translate at Home (T@H) can be used to simultaneously translate Zoom meetings and stream them to a player embedded on your own website. Viewer are able to choose their preferred language via a button in the player. This requires the following steps: 1. create a T@H RTMP event and add your additional languages (= […]

Clevercast voted best European Streaming Services Provider

Since the start of the COVID19 epidemic, we’ve been so busy that we didn’t even think of registering for the 2020 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards¹. We were therefore very pleasantly surprised that our customers not only took the trouble to nominate us, but also voted us best European Streaming Services Provider. We would […]

Setting the volume of your microphone for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

When doing Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) it is very important that you ensure that the volume of your microphone is loud enough. Low volume makes your translation difficult to understand and also has a negative impact on the overall audio quality. Not every microphone has the same base volume. High quality headsets often have a […]

Multilingual live streams using StreamYard, Restream, Lightstream…

In-browser studios are an easy way to broadcast a professional looking live stream without requiring an encoder and advanced knowledge about streaming. You can start broadcasting immediately, without having to install software like OBS Studio, Wirecast or vMix. You don’t need to know all about input devices and broadcast protocols. Some well known examples are StreamYard, […]

Global multilingual live streaming has never been so easy

Clevercast makes it easy to deliver multilingual live streaming to global audiences. Our live management dashboard allows you to ingest your broadcast, do simultaneous translation into any number of languages and send the result as a global live stream with multiple languages. Global multilingual streaming You can add Clevercast player to your website by copying […]

Broadcast a live stream with remote simultaneous interpretation.

How to: broadcasting a livestream with Translate at Home

Clevercast Multilingual Live Streaming now includes supports for simultaneous translation at home (T@H). This allows translators to provide their simultaneous interpretation from their own home using a browser with WebRTC support (preferably Mozilla Firefox). It works like this: From the event location, a regular SRT or RTMP broadcast is sent to Clevercast. This contains the video […]

Branding and Customization in Clevercast Learning and Webinar

Clevercast Learning and Webinar make it easy for companies to set up their own web application for live and on-demand video training or marketing. Our dual-canvas player allows for a fully automated production of live and on-demand videos (e-learning courses, webinars, conferences). Clevercast also lets viewers interact with the presenter, moderators and each other through […]

Verifying student presence and viewing time during video training

Clevercast Learning makes it easy for companies to set up their own web application for live and on-demand video training. Our dual-canvas player allows for a fully automated production of live and on-demand training videos (e-learning courses, webinars, conferences). Clevercast also lets viewers interact with the presenter, moderators and each other through private and public […]

Stream hybrid conferences, concerts, services and weddings in COVID-19 times

The COVID-19 measures impose very strict restrictions on events such as conferences, concerts, theater, exhibitions, performances, religious services, weddings and even funerals. These are unique moments that people want to experience in group. Although physical participation can only be replaced to a limited extent by an (interactive) live stream, this can still serve as a […]

Reach your workforce with video in times of Corona

With all different lockdown, shelter in place and work at home measures currently applied due to COVID-19, it is even more important to communicate well with employees, partners and customers. Video is one of the most efficient ways to do this: an image often says more than a thousand words. Most companies already have the […]

Public chat in Clevercast webinar

Chat, questions, comments and surveys during training and webinars

Clevercast Learning and Clevercast Webinar make it easy for companies to set up their own web application for live and on-demand videos (e-learning courses, webinars, conferences). Our dual-canvas player allows for a fully automated video production. To qualify for accreditation by professional and governmental bodies, Clevercast tracks and verifies student presence and attention. Clevercast also […]

Choose a mobile friendly video training or webinar platform

Recent statistics show that a majority of users prefer to watch video training and webinars on mobile devices. About half of them use Android devices, the other half prefers iOS. When selecting an LMS or webinar solution it is therefore important to test video quality, interactivity and user-friendliness on mobile devices. The nature of the […]

Why your business needs a video platform

Enterprise video platforms allow employees to capture, manage and share company information with colleagues, customers, partners, prospects, suppliers and shareholders. That is why a video platform is becoming an increasingly important tool within and outside the company. “90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions” (Hubspot) “80% of all Internet traffic […]

Video learning for continuing education with accreditation

Continuing education is required for more and more professions such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, notaries, lawyers, auditors, surveyors, accountants, tax consultants, etc. To this end, courses are set up that must meet specific accreditation requirements. Nowadays, these courses are increasingly offered online. Clevercast Learning allows training providers to set up and manage their own platform […]

Multilingual live streaming with Clevercast and OBS Studio

The latest version of OBS Studio is capable of broadcasting video with surround sound audio over RTMP. OBS lets you stream up to 7 concurrent audio channels – 16 with the ASIO plugin – which can be surround sound channels but also general multichannel ones. OBS multilingual streaming makes it a lot easier and cheaper […]

Clevercast gets 7 nominations for Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice Awards

We are honoured to have received 7 nominations for this year’s Streaming Media Europe Readers’ Choice Awards! Streaming Media is the leading trade journal for the online video industry. Their annual Readers’ Choice Awards allow readers to nominate and vote for the online video products and services they find the most valuable. Last year’s awards […]

Why many businesses would benefit from a video portal

Many businesses would benefit from using more video, both for internal purposes and online marketing. Think training videos and presentations, communication to employees, instruction videos for partners and customers, etc. These days such videos can be made almost without costs, using prosumer cameras or even tablets and smartphones. But most companies lack a way to […]

The challenge of simulcasting global, high-profile events

In recent years, the live streaming of high quality online video has become much easier, among other thanks to a range of affordable devices that support high-quality encoding and broadcasting. Therefore, it is no surprise that the number of social live stream channels is constantly increasing. These days, YouTube is not only getting competition from Facebook […]

Deploy your own video learning solution

Enriched e-learning video has become an attractive alternative to traditional training methods. Clevercast’s cloud-based video platform offers a complete solution for transforming videos into interactive courses, suited for both in-company training and public registration. It allows you to automate and follow up learning processes, without losing your personal approach. Clevercast Certified Learning makes it easy to […]

What the GDPR means for Clevercast customers?

Starting May 25, 2018, Europe will enforce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a landmark policy to bring greater transparency to the use of personal data by corporations. It includes new rights for people to access the information companies hold about them, obligations for better data management for businesses, and a new regime of fines. […]

Tech.Lounge Brussels presents Clevercast Studio

Business center BluePoint recently opened Tech.Lounge Brussels, their new ‘connected’ coworking space equipped with the latest technological applications. In addition to a brainstorming arena and a fully digital training center, Tech.Lounge Brussels also includes a professional video studio. The studio is designed based on Clevercast Studio4all and lets users without audiovisual knowledge record high-quality videos. New […]

Simulcasting FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017

Simulcasting: FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017

The past week we were in London at the request of ASP group to collaborate with FIFA‘s media division in order to broadcast the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017. The event lasted three days, with first the quarter finals and semifinals being competed, and finally the grand finale which took place on Friday. During those […]

Facebook Simulcasting at Bozar

Simulcasting explained

Almost two years after its launch, Facebook Live has taken the marketing world by storm. Brands and publishers have quickly understood the almost limitless possibilities to connect with their followers and customers. One of the most important advantages of Facebook Live is easy to grasp: it’s where (most of) your audience already is. This saves you […]