A truly interactive HTML5 player without plugins

  • HTML5 adaptive streaming for mobile and desktop
  • Second canvas for slides and video
  • Viewers can switch from side-by-side to PiP or full screen
  • Easy navigation with slide carousel or chapter indexes
  • Follow up on viewers with registration and tracking

Fully branded landing pages

Landing and registration pages can be styled to reflect your brand identity. Add your logo, corporate colors and personalized messages. Customize by adding widgets such as Q&A, Twitter timeline and handouts.

Broadcast any way you want

You can use the WebRTC capabilities of your browser or any other broadcasting software. Or you can broadcast with dedicated hardware solutions for advanced productional requirements.

Manage registrations

Clevercast Webinars comes with a fully integrated registration module. Setting up a registration form takes less than five minutes, including a fully branded landing page for registrants. Choose between a simple one-step workflow for marketing purposes or a secure two-step workflow in which registrants require approval before getting access to the webinar.

The webinar dashboard tells you exactly who has watched your live webinar and for how long, and who caught up afterwards with video on demand.

You can schedule reminder and follow-up emails that let you target different viewer segments with personalized call-to-actions in order to gather feedback, send invitations and communicate next steps.

Record and replay

The record and replay functionality is what makes Clevercast stand out from the competition. Where most webinar platforms feature very limited support for on-demand viewing, Clevercast comes with a full-fledged VOD management solution, offering those who missed the live event an almost identical catch-up experience. Features include:

  • multi-session cloud recording (allowing you to make separate recordings per topic or speaker)
  • editing of recorded webinars, including trimming and creation of chapters
  • automatic slide detection, with a thumbnail carousel that allows you to navigate quickly in long video fragments
  • channel-based playlists to group videos of related webinars
  • the choice between automatic or manual publication of recordings
  • advanced VOD statistics

Get to know your audience

Clevercast video heatmaps are tightly integrated with the webinar registration module, resulting in extremely detailed personal user analytics. For every registered webinar visitor you know exactly which portions of the video have been watched and how many times fragments have been re-watched, down to the second.

Detailed knowledge about which parts of the video are skipped or not viewed regularly, gives you the opportunity to improve future webcasts or follow up with a personalized call-to-action.

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