Chat, questions, comments and surveys during training and webinars

Chat, questions, comments and surveys during training and webinars

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  • On 14/02/2020
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Clevercast Learning and Clevercast Webinar make it easy for companies to set up their own web application for live and on-demand videos (e-learning courses, webinars, conferences). Our dual-canvas player allows for a fully automated video production. To qualify for accreditation by professional and governmental bodies, Clevercast tracks and verifies student presence and attention.

Clevercast also lets viewers interact with the presenter, moderators and each other. Below are examples of the types of interaction supported. They can be configured separately for each video.

You can watch a demo on-demand webinar with presentation slides containing the public chat, questions and survey features. A demo without second canvas is also available.

Chat and Q&A

Via Clevercast you can communicate privately with individual viewers through our chat and/or questions interface. As an administrator you can choose between both options. During a live stream you can, for example, opt for chat so you can immediately respond to viewers. If you subsequently publish the live video to on-demand, Clevercast can switch the interface automatically to questions so you can be answer through email.

A public chat between participants is also possible in Clevercast, through our own chat interface below the video player or through an embedded twitter feed. In the Moderation HQ, organizers have an overview of all communication. They can respond to private and public chat messages and initiate communication themselves. By using tags, moderators can be appointed for specific topics.

Public chat in Clevercast

Public chat during a live video

An administrator or moderator can also send general messages that are (temporarily) shown over the video, and are therefore also visible to mobile viewers or in full-screen mode.

Audience polls

During a live video, you can question your audience by means of polls. These are multiple choice questions that are shown in a layer on top of the video, so they can easily be answered by viewers on all platforms. In the Moderation HQ the presenter has an overview of questions and results.

Screenshot of audience poll results in Clevercast

The results of an audience poll


With a survey you can ask all sorts of questions. A survey can be used to verify the attention of your viewers, ask additional questions, or for evaluation purposes. You can choose to show a survey automatically at the end of the video. Or you can make it available continuously so participants can answer at any time. Administrators can view the results in Clevercast and download them in CSV or XLS format.

Other tools and techniques

Additional tools and techniques are available for specific purposes, including the possibility to add calls-to-action (links, buttons, images) and menus at specific places in an on-demand video.

About Clevercast
Clevercast helps businesses to produce, manage, publish and and enrich interactive live and on-demand videos. Our applications provide companies with their own secure platform which can be styled and customised as desired. All our applications are fully GDPR compliant, mobile friendly and use adaptive HD streaming to optimise video quality for viewers around the globe.