Verifying student presence and viewing time during video training

Verifying student presence and viewing time during video training

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  • On 24/05/2020
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Clevercast Learning makes it easy for companies to set up their own web application for live and on-demand video training. Our dual-canvas player allows for a fully automated production of live and on-demand training videos (e-learning courses, webinars, conferences). Clevercast also lets viewers interact with the presenter, moderators and each other through private and public chat.

To qualify for accreditation by professional and governmental organizations, Clevercast tracks and verifies student time and attention. Various techniques can be used, which can be selected separately for each live and on-demand video module. Based on your settings, Clevercast will automatically determine whether a student has completed a training. You can let Clevercast send the certificates to viewers automatically, or use our detailed reports to assign certificates yourself.

Viewer tracking

The video player continuously makes API calls that allow Clevercast to keep track of what part of the video has been viewed by the student. Clevercast will only consider a course as completed when the student has viewed a required percentage? This percentage can be determined for each separate learning module.

The application backend provides detailed per-viewer and per-video reporting. It allows administrators to see what part of a video was watched by each of the students.

Verified attendance

Moreover, it is possible to enable active viewer checks. This will cause the video player to periodically display a button that the student must press within a given number of seconds to confirm his presence in front of the screen.

Are you still watching?

If the student doesn’t do this in time, the video will be paused until the button is pressed.

Video is paused!

The following aspects of the periodic check can be configured per video:

  • Minimum number of seconds between two checks
  • Maximum number of seconds between two checks
  • Number of seconds a student has to press the button

At the beginning of the video, the button is shown after the minimum number of seconds. If the student continues to press the button in a timely manner, the time after which the button appears will gradually increase (until the maximum number of seconds is reached).

If the student does not press the button in time, the button will reappear next time after the minimum number of seconds.

Quiz after the video

It is possible to add multiple choice questions, which will be asked after the student has watched a video. The required percentage of correct answers can be set per video. In this case, Clevercast will only consider a course as completed if this percentage has been achieved. For courses consisting of several videos, a quiz can follow each video.

Multiple choice question

Wrong answer!

Other tools and techniques

The attention of students can also be captured through interactivity. By means of Q&A, chat, surveys, audience polls … students can interact with the teacher and/or with each other. These different kinds of interaction can also be saved and monitored.

Finally, there are a number of tools and techniques for achieving specific objectives, which can be set per account. If required to obtain accreditation, additional features can also be added to Clevercast.

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