Updated plans and new price calculator

As of October 24 we have made some adjustments to our plans and pricing. In addition, we launched a brand new price calculator that you can use to instantly generate a quote for any type of plan.

Our purpose is to give customers a better overview of our pricing and let them complete the purchasing process quickly. Over time, it is our intention to add support for credit card payments, so we no longer have to intervene to set up an account.


Changes to existing plans

The biggest changes are that server-side recording is no longer optional and some of the plans now include extra live-processing hours and/or data traffic. If you factor in these costs, the price of our plans hasn’t changed.

We also added new plans for 12 and 16 languages (if you still want more languages, please ask for a custom quote). Moreover, our new calculator allows you to calculate a quote for any type of plan, including pseudo-live streaming, webinars and monolingual live streaming.

Please note: nothing changes for customers with an ongoing plan. Their terms and prices will remain the same until their plan ends.


Using the calculator

By assembling a plan in multiple steps, we have tried to simplify our pricing and the usage of the calculator. In the first step you choose your basic plan. In the next step you can extend this with extra resources (e.g. live processing hours, data traffic, extra simultaneous live streams) and options (e.g. Video on-Demand, simulcast targets). The final step presents you with an overview of your plan and lets you immediately generate a quote.

When you are ready to order, all you have to do is provide us with the quote number. We will then automatically convert the quote into an invoice so your account can be available quickly (after payment). If you have any questions about the quote, simply use the contact forms in the calculator.

For many customers, the most difficult aspect remains to estimate the data traffic to include in the plan. Therefore, we provide a separate data traffic calculator which now also takes pseudo-live streaming into account.


Extended FAQs and documentation

We realize that it is sometimes difficult for (potential) customers to understand all aspects of our solutions. That is why we have bundled the most frequently asked questions in a new section on our site. We also have separate FAQs per topic: for example to explain terms such as data traffic and live processing hours. And there is a FAQ about plans and pricing.

This way, we hope to make it a little easier for everyone to choose the right plan for their needs. Of course we remain available to answer questions and, if necessary, provide a custom quote.