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Interpreter Handover for Translate@Home

If two interpreters are working together in the same language room, they can use the handover procedure. This makes the transition from one interpreter to another a lot easier. The handover feature is available when there are (exactly) two interpreters in the same room (except for bilingual language rooms, where the feature is not yet […]

Broadcast up to 8 languages with vMix

vMix only has support for a single SRT audio track, but does allow you to add up to 8 audio channels to this single audio track. Clevercast allows you to use this feature to broadcast a multilingual live stream of up to 8 languages using vMix. The tutorial below explains how to configure vMix and […]

Bilingual language rooms

Clevercast Translate@Home now supports bilingual language rooms. This allows an interpreter to translate to 2 different languages (sequentially) without having to connect to different language rooms. This can be used, for example, to have a bilingual event translated by a single interpreter. When the language in the floor audio changes, the interpreter can continue to […]

Example Live Broadcasting Settings for OBS Studio

An RTMP or SRT broadcast can be sent to Clevercast with any encoder. See our live broadcasting guidelines for recommended encoder settings for 1080p en 720p resolutions. Below are example configurations for RTMP and SRT broadcasts with OBS Studio.   1080p RTMP broadcast with OBS Studio Remarks: Bitrate also depends on the type of content. […]

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) with Interpreter Relay

Clevercast Translate@Home now supports remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) with interpreter relay. Interpreters can now listen in real time to the audio feed of their colleagues. This way, they no longer need to understand the speaker language. They can use another translation as the audio source instead.   Listen in real time to other interpreters The […]

Multilingual live streaming in Swapcard, Docedo, Slido, Hubilo, Prezi …

Clevercast makes it easy to display a multilingual live stream in your favorite third-party application for virtual or hybrid events. Just go to the live event page in Clevercast, copy the direct link (or embed code) and paste it in your 3rd party application. That’s all. When you are live streaming, Clevercast player will automatically […]

Ensuring autoplay for videos and live streams in Clevercast

A question that we are asked very often is: “How do I make sure that my video player starts automatically?” We’ll try to answer this question here, and explain how you can turn on autoplay in Clevercast.   Why doesn’t my video start playing automatically in the browser? The answer is simple: most browser builders have […]

Interpreter management in Translate@Home

Interpreter management for Translate@Home is done via the ‘Manage Language Rooms‘ page. It allows event managers to update the floor audio background volume, listen directly to the floor audio and interpreters, see the connected interpreters, chat with them, (un)mute their microphone… These features are also described in our T@H testing and troubleshooting manual and in the […]

How to simulcast translated live streams to external platforms

If you use Clevercast to broadcast a multilingual live stream, you can also configure it to simulcast the separate language streams to external platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter … Clevercast will use the highest video resolution set for your event and merge it with the audio stream of a particular language. The resulting live stream […]

Remote simultaneous interpretation of events with different floor languages

The automatic floor audio volume adjustment of Translate@Home (T@H) makes it easy to do Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) of events with different floor languages. This makes T@H a great solution for multilingual live streaming of events, presentations and conferences with remote interpretation to a worldwide audience.   How does it work? When setting up the […]

Simulcast translated live streams to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter …

Apart from live streaming multilingual video in its own player, Clevercast also supports broadcasting simultaneously translated live streams to third party platforms that don’t support multilingual video (like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter …). This way, Clevercast Translate@Home allows you to broadcast a regular live stream to Clevercast – with a single video and audio stream – […]

SRT single and multi-language broadcasts (vMix, Makito, OBS)

The Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol is a relatively recent open source streaming protocol, promoted by the SRT Alliance of which Clevercast is a member. It includes mechanisms for packet recovery while maintaining low latency between encoder and ingest server. It is therefore particularly suited for long-distance and high-quality broadcasting across unreliable and unpredictable networks […]