Troubleshooting Live Streaming

Broadcasting Issues

No stream in the preview player ?

For all broadcasts:

  1. Make sure you follow our broadcasting guidelines
  2. Make sure you’ve copied the broadcast URL and stream name correctly to your encoder (no leading or trailing spaces)
  3. Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and the broadcast is not blocked by your firewall

For multi-language live streams:

  1. Make sure to follow the guidelines for the protocol you use: Translate at Home, SRT multi-track, RTMP multi-channel.
  2. Make sure the Event status in Clevercast is set to Preview or Started

The preview player is spinning or stuttering ?

Make sure to follow our broadcasting guidelines. In particular,  the video framerate and keyframe interval should be set correctly.

Make sure it’s not a local bandwidth issue (eg. broadcasting and streaming over the same connection)? Try lowering the bitrate of the broadcasted video or watching the stream on another connection.

Parts of the video are pixelated or distorted ?

The broadcasted bitrate of the stream is probably too low for its resolution.

Streaming Issues

The player on my site doesn’t work ?

If no video is shown in the player on your site, check the following:

  1. Has the event been started in Clevercast?
  2. Is the player working in Clevercast? In that case, something is wrong with your embed code.
  3. The player doesn’t work in Clevercast. If it worked before, check your firewall. Try playing the video outside of your network.

The player is spinning or stuttering ?

Check your bandwidth. Try watching the video outside of your network.

The live stream has some latency ?

A latency between 16 and 30 seconds (depending on device, connection) is the default for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). If necessary, it can be lowered but this may cause problems for clients with slow internet connections.

There are black bands in the player?

Your player has a fixed width/height that doesn’t corresponds to the aspect ratio of the streamed video (usually 16:9).

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