Stream hybrid conferences, concerts, services and weddings in COVID-19 times

Stream hybrid conferences, concerts, services and weddings in COVID-19 times

  • Posted by Clevercast
  • On 03/05/2020
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The COVID-19 measures impose very strict restrictions on events such as conferences, concerts, theater, exhibitions, performances, religious services, weddings and even funerals. These are unique moments that people want to experience in group. Although physical participation can only be replaced to a limited extent by an (interactive) live stream, this can still serve as a temporary solution until the Coronavirus has been conquered.

Clevercast allows organizations to make these events accessible to a wider audience through live and on-demand streaming. As a customer you can choose to embed our video player in your website. Or you can refer to a webpage hosted by us that has been customized with your own style, images, logo, colors and social media links. You can choose between different templates, so your page can be fully tailored to the nature of the event.

Access to streamed events can be limited in different ways. It may depend on user registration, can be restricted to a number of pre-selected participants, or limited to a certain domain and/or IP addresses. Our APIs and secure URLs with temporary validity make it possible to automatically activate new viewers after a payment was made on your website.

Viewing the stream is possible on all devices, without a software download or browser plugins. There are also a number of interactive options. For example, visitors can leave a message, chat with each other, download additional information and watch a presentation. Creation and configuration of a live event can be done manually or with a single API call.

Live streaming can start and be resumed at any time. The live stream can be recorded server-side and made available as video on demand for a certain period of time.

How to produce and stream live video?

There are many ways to record and broadcast a live stream yourself. Extensive technical knowledge or expensive equipment is certainly not necessary.

You can get started with just the camera of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can connect a (prosumer) camera to your laptop or desktop machine. Or you can use devices like IP cameras, which are able to send a live stream directly to Clevercast.

OBS Studio is free software that allows you to broadcast a high quality live stream from home without much prior knowledge or experience. It allows you to use multiple video and audio sources. For example, if you’re presenting behind your laptop, you can broadcast your presentation alongside the video images of yourself.

With vMix you can set up a professional remote production with incoming streams from different locations. If you have a good internet connection, you can use it to mix the incoming stream, add overlays, animations… and broadcast the result to Clevercast.

But it can also be much easier. Zoom, very popular for online meetings, allows you to broadcast their stream directly to Clevercast over RTMP (Pro plan required). With the right account settings you can use Zoom to produce a live stream in HD with a mix of speakers, presentations and on-demand videos from up to 100 different locations. When using Clevercast, your visitors can simply watch the video in the browser of their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

There are many other options, ranging from professional software such as Wirecast to in-browser tools such as Lightstream.

If desired, we can help with your choice and configuration. Also keep an eye on our blog for new posts explaining the different aspects of broadcasting from home.

Why use Clevercast?

Unlike platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, Clevercast respects the private nature of your event. There are no plain or hidden ads, no links to an external ecosystem or popups with references to other videos. We meet the GDPR requirements and keep your data secure at all times.

You get what you paid for! We deliver your video in HD without any restrictions, with adaptive streaming for the best experience on all devices. No algorithms will automatically stop your live stream due to an alleged copyright violation, such as background music, or other unspecified reasons. As a paying customer, you are responsible for your own content.

Clevercast allows you to customize the embedded video or the hosted page with your own branding. Our player does not contain a logo or watermark. Even its colors can be customized.

We allow you to do all necessary tests in advance. In our backend you can (re)start an event indefinitely, without needing a new event URL or embed code for every attempt. We are happy to give you the necessary support. Once everything works, just leave your configuration until your event starts.

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Clevercast helps businesses to produce, manage, publish and and enrich interactive live and on-demand videos. Our applications provide companies with their own secure platform which can be styled and customized as desired. All our applications are fully GDPR compliant, mobile friendly and use adaptive HD streaming to optimize video quality for viewers around the globe.