Advantages of simulive / pseudo-live streaming

Simulive streaming – or pseudo-live streaming as it also called – means that pre-recorded videos are scheduled to be broadcasted as live streams. Viewers experience a regular live stream. They have no way of telling the difference. A simulive stream, like any other live stream, is delivered through the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.

The only difference between a simulive stream and a regular live stream is that you don’t have to send a broadcast to Clevercast. Your viewers have no way of knowing this. But by not having to broadcast, you avoid quality loss due to encoder problems and all kinds of internet connection or bandwidth issues. It also makes your life a lot easier: all you have to do is upload the video file and set the start time of your live stream.

Simulive streaming guarantees HD video streaming and an optimal viewer experience. When the pre-recorded video is uploaded, Clevercast encodes it into multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming. Since this is done in advance (instead of in real time) Clevercast can use two-pass encoding, which results in live streams with a higher quality and a lower bitrate.

Because two-pass encoding is used, your data traffic costs will be much lower! Due to the higher degree of video compression, your viewers consume less data traffic while watching the stream. Data traffic usage can be up to 70 percent lower, depending on your video content (static content or computer generated graphics lend themselves to a high degree of compression).

Simulive streaming makes it easy to produce complex events, like multiple sessions that need to start simultaneously or many different languages with audio translation and closed captions.

Video: Tears of steel | (CC) Blender Foundation | Since no audio translations are available, we just added a voice over to the extra audio languages that tells you to which language you are listening.

Use the CC menu to select closed captions and the headphone menu to switch audio language. Note that the player is muted by default. A new livestream starts every half hour and lasts 15 minutes.

Closed captions and multilingual audio

Multilingual simulive streams are easy. Just upload a single-language video and add MP3 files for audio translations or WebVTT files for closed captions. Clevercast will do the rest.

Copy the embed code of Clevercast player to your website(s) or third party platforms. When the live stream is set to start, it will automatically appear in the embedded player.

Clevercast player allows your viewers to switch audio languages and closed captions at any time during your live stream.

You can schedule as many simultaneous sessions and as many languages as your plan allows.

Video: Tears of steel | (CC) Blender Foundation | Since no audio translations are available, we added some music in the extra audio languages: the first 12:15 minutes of Talaat, Kilikia (Nocus and Washed Mix) and Arzni (Part 1 and 2) [ft. Sam Khachatourian] | (CC) Diezel Tea.

Multilingual broadcasts with OBS Studio

OBS Studio can broadcast a video stream with multiple audio channels over RTMP or with multiple audio tracks over SRT. This way, you can add many audio streams to your broadcast without having to include additional video streams.

Clevercast receives the broadcast and automatically transmits it as a global live stream. You can use the Clevercast dashboard to configure your live broadcast, monitor the live stream(s), see realtime statistics and much more.

Clevercast player can be easily embedded on your site. Just copy-paste the embed code from Clevercast and provide your viewers with the best possible experience on any device, in their own language.

Brands and organizations using Clevercast

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to request a trial account and read our pseudo-live streaming manual or these online guides:


Live stream manager
Our live stream dashboard allows you to configure and control all aspects of your live stream. It lets you add a countdown timer to the player, upload a poster image to be shown in the player before and after the live stream, show messages in an overlay…

Company branded multilingual video player
Our responsive HTML5 player can be styled as desired. It supports video advertising, advanced styling (CSS) and custom behaviour (buffering, pre-loading). Our Javascript Player API lets you further control player behavior.

Easy embedding
The embed code for every live stream can be copy/pasted to any website(s). Works on any modern device and platform.

Reliable stream delivery
Clevercast is a cloud solution with a fully redundant architecture. A simulive stream is broadcasted from a main and backup server. If something would happen to the main stream, Clevercast player automatically switches to the backup stream.

Global live stream delivery
Clevercast uses the Akamai CDN to deliver the live streams via edge servers close to the location of your viewers. Our video cloud platform is designed for unlimited scale.

Adaptive streaming
Clevercast automatically transcodes the uploaded videos into multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming, including HD. Our player automatically switches to the best resolution depending on screen size, bandwidth and CPU/GPU.

Limit stream accessibility
You can determine who can watch your live stream by configuring white and blacklists for countries, domains and IP addresses.

Detailed analytics
Our realtime dashboard informs you how many viewers are watching and from which country. Our analytics dashboard provides more detailed insights into the behaviour of your viewers.

Video on-Demand streaming
Clevercast also supports multilingual Video on-Demand streaming, if included in your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have worldwide coverage?
Yes. We use global CDNs (currently Akamai) to deliver the live stream close to your viewers.

How many concurrent viewers can watch the live stream?
Since we use global CDNs, any number of concurrent viewers is possible.

Do my viewers need to install any software or browser plugins?
No. Clevercast player is an HTML5 player that works out of the box, in any modern browser and on any device (tablet, smartphone).

How long in advance do I need to upload the source video?
Clevercast needs to transcode the uploaded video to multiple resolutions and transfer them to the streaming servers. This may take some time. To be sure, a video that lasts an hour should be uploaded about an hour in advance (depending on the content).

How many simultaneous live streams are possible?
This depends on your plan (by default one, but you can also have 20 or more).

How many languages are possible?
Unlimited (but the number of closed captions and/or audio streams allowed also depends on your plan).

Can Clevercast player be embedded in third-party platform?
Yes, if the platform supports an external player being embedded. For example SwapcardHubilo, Docebo, Slido ….

What are the costs? Do you offer event support?
See our price calculator for our simulive streaming (or webinar) plans. Premium support for a specific event is possible.

Can I limit access to registered viewers and let them interact via Q&A and text chat?
Yes. Clevercast Webinar also supports simulive streams. You’ll need a webinar plan with support for simulive streaming.

Can I use a third-party player instead of Clevercast player?
The live stream is delivered using the standard HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol and can therefore also be used by other players. Please note that we don’t provide support for issues with 3rd party players.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to request a trial account and read our pseudo-live streaming manual or these online guides:

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Approved by clients, interpreters and viewers

Our clients not only get a multilingual streaming solution, but also the necessary support. Upon request, we can provide remote event supervision or a custom setup.

Based on their feedback, we continue to develop T@H into an easy-to-use tool that allows interpreters to get the best out of themselves.

Clevercast Player provides viewers, anywhere in the world, with the best possible video and audio quality in their preferred language.