Simulcasting: FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017

Simulcasting: FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017

  • Posted by Clevercast
  • On 19/08/2017
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The past week we were in London at the request of ASP group to collaborate with FIFA‘s media division in order to broadcast the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017. The event lasted three days, with first the quarter finals and semifinals being competed, and finally the grand finale which took place on Friday. During those three days a continuous live program, courtesy of Sky Sports, was simulcasted to YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch.

What’s more, on the first two days all concurrent quarter and semi-finals were also broadcasted directly to FIFA’s YouTube channel using three of our Clevercast VideoBlaster hardware encoders. This meant that eight simultaneous HD live streams were permanently available to YouTube viewers. Every day also, the main program streams (both with and without audio) were distributed to Media Rights Licensees from all over the world by means of RTMP simulcasting.

Once again, FIFA demonstrated how simulcasting to social media can really broaden your audience. The grand finale was watched by more than 25.000 concurrent viewers on YouTube, 20.000 on Twitch and 7.000 on Facebook Live.

What is the Interactive Club World Cup?
The rapid and massive growth of eSports has seen numerous major football clubs join the eSports movement. Clubs that have identified the potential of virtual football have launched their own official eSports teams. FIFA invited these visionary clubs to compete in the first ever Interactive Club World Cup. Along with the prestige of representing their clubs in an international tournament, the competing players got the chance to win one of two qualification seats at the FIWC Grand Final.