Scheduling pseudo-live webinars

Creating a pseudo-live webinar

Go to the Webinars page. The menu on the left lets you create a pseudo-live webinar. When you create the webinar, you choose whether you want to broadcast multiple audio languages or not (assuming your plan allows it).

Give the webinar a name and press the ‘Create’ button. You will be redirected to the webinar page.

Setting the webinar start time

To schedule a pseudo-live stream, you must first set the start time of your webinar. Go to the ‘Settings > Scheduling’ page, select the start time of your event and press the ‘Submit’ button.

Scheduling a webinar

Important: the ‘Start Time’ is the time your webinar actually starts. This means that Clevercast will already start broadcasting the intro before this start time (see below). It should be a time in the future, otherwise you won’t be able to set your pseudo-live stream. The player on the webinar page will start showing a countdown timer to this point in time.

Note that the countdown timer disappears from the player once Clevercast starts broadcasting the intros. So if you want to show a countdown until the start of the actual event, the intro of your video should also contain a countdown clock itself.

You can also set the ‘End Time’ of your webinar. This is only used to inform webinar participants (e.g. displayed on the registration page or part of the email). It is NOT used to determine when the pseudo-live stream ends. Clevercast will always broadcast the entire duration of the source item.

Setting the pseudo-live stream

After you have scheduled the webinar’s start time, go to the ‘Live Management’ page. On this page, go to the ‘Set Pseudo-Live Stream’ panel to activate the pseudo-live stream.

Before pressing the ‘Set Pseudo-Live Stream’ button, you must fill in the following:

  • Select Item to use: the item to be used as the source of the broadcast.
  • Intro Seconds: the duration of your intro in seconds. Clevercast uses this to determine when to start broadcasting. For example, if your webinar is scheduled at 18:00 PM and your intro is set to 120 seconds, the broadcast will start at 17:58 PM.

The ‘Set Pseudo-Live Stream’ panel for webinars

When you press the ‘Set Pseudo-Live Stream’ button, Clevercast activates the pseudo-live stream. The ‘Streaming’ panel indicates when the pseudo-live broadcast will start. The ‘Main Broadcast’ panel indicates which video resolutions, audio languages and captions will be streamed.

Pseudo-live webinar flow

When you set the pseudo-live stream, the webinar player automatically shows the waiting image (or message) that you’ve configured.

The live stream will automatically be broadcasted at the selected date and time. Shortly after the broadcast has started, Clevercast automatically sets the live status to started. The webinar player detects this and starts showing the live stream.

When the broadcast ends, Clevercast automatically sets the live status to ended. The webinar player detects this and shows the ended image (or message) that you’ve configured. Because of the latency that comes with HTTP Live Streaming, this will happen before the outro is completely finished.

Clearing and resetting a pseudo-live stream

If a pseudo-live webinar is set incorrectly, you can clear it by clicking the ‘Clear Pseudo-Live Stream’ button. Once this is done, you can reschedule the webinar start time (if necessary) and reset the pseudo-live stream (e.g. with a different source item or a different number on intro seconds).

The ‘Run Pseudo-Live Stream Now’ button allows you to start the pseudo-live stream without scheduling it. When you click it, Clevercast immediately starts broadcasting the pseudo-live stream and sets the live status to started, so the webinar player starts to play the live stream. Note that this may only be done when no pseudo-live stream is scheduled. If a pseudo-live stream is scheduled for the webinar, you should clear it first.

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