Record and publish multilingual Video on-Demand items

Clevercast can automatically make a server-side recording of your multilingual live stream, so it becomes available for download afterwards. The recording can also be used to publish a multilingual Video on-Demand (VoD) which can be embedded into your site: this lets viewers select their preferred language in the player, in the same way as they do in the live stream.

Note: server-side recording and Video on-Demand are (separate) options in a Clevercast Multilingual plan. Unless you explicitly order them, your multilingual live stream will not be recorded server-side.


Server-side recording of multilingual live streams

If server-side recording is included in your plan, all started live streams will be recorded. Clevercast automatically begins to record when you press the ‘Start Event‘ button and stops when you change the event status to ‘Ended’ or ‘Waiting’. To see a recording, go to the recordings overview page and select the one you want.

If your account doesn’t support Vdeo on-Demand, the recording page only lets you download the recorded file by right-clicking on the Download File. The downloaded MP4 file contains a single video stream with all recorded languages as separate audio streams. To be able to hear them, you need a video player that supports switching the Audio Tracks (eg. VLC player).


Publish recording to Video on-Demand item

If your account supports Video on-Demand, the recording page also lets you trim the start/end of the recorded video and publish it as a VoD item. Press the ‘Trim Video‘ button to select start and end point of the VoD item you want to publish. Click on the Submit button: the start and end offset will be set on the recording page.

Trim start and end point of a recorded live stream

Continue to fill in the other form fields and press the Convert to Item‘ button. The video will be transcoded for adaptive streaming and exported to our CDN (this may take some time).

Note: if you want to use the VoD item as a source for pseudo-live streaming, make sure you select ‘Pseudo-Live Uploads‘ as the workflow profile.

Publish live recording as VoD item


Manage Video on-Demand items

Go to the Media -> Items menu, to manage your Video on-Demand items. If the live stream was multilingual, the player will also contain a button for language selection. You can copy the embed code and paste it in your website.

Manage multilingual Video on-Demand items

The item settings allow you to select a different player or viewing profile. The menus on the left let you change the poster image, add chapters, add WebVTT captions to the video…