Reach your workforce with video in times of Corona

Reach your workforce with video in times of Corona

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  • On 16/03/2020
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With all different lockdown, shelter in place and work at home measures currently applied due to COVID-19, it is even more important to communicate well with employees, partners and customers. Video is one of the most efficient ways to do this: an image often says more than a thousand words.

Most companies already have the necessary tools for video chat between individuals. This is much less the case for the safe distribution of on-demand videos and for setting up a live stream within your own organization. Clevercast offers several do it yourself solutions for the secure distribution of on-demand and live video, which require no prior knowledge.

Training and eLearning Video

Clevercast Learning allows companies to effortlessly deploy their own secure platform for instruction videos. It offers a complete solution to transform videos into interactive courses and is suited for in-company training or employee onboarding. The appearance and behavior of the platform can be fully customized. Videos can be categorized and video access can be determined based on a user’s role. Clevercast Learning is built for an optional experience on iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

Communication & Collaboration

Clevercast Corporate Portal allows small and medium-sized businesses to let employees publish, share and search company videos and comment on them. Behind the scenes, Clevercast ensures the security of your videos through encrypted streaming URLs. New users can get started right away thanks to the intuitive UI in their native language. Videos can also be securely shared with third parties, by letting Clevercast send them an email with a video link with limited validity.

Interactive Live Video

Broadcasting live video doesn’t have to be difficult. With a prosumer camera, a good internet connection and free software such as OBS Studio, you can easily broadcast live video over the internet. Clevercast takes care of all the rest: management, transcoding, delivery, security, recording…

Clevercast Webinar offers a ready-made environment in which your video can be viewed (by registered viewers). This way, you have your own platform with custom branding, a secure registration process, a second canvas for presentations and a flawless viewer experience on all devices. You can also use a variety of interactive options to involve webinar participants. Afterwards, your live webinars can be automatically converted to on-demand video for catch-up viewing.

Embedded Video Player

Alternatively, you can embed Clevercast Player on the website or intranet of your company. This is possible for both on-demand and live video, by simply copying an embed code from Clevercast. You can also adapt the look and feel of the player to your own house style. And you can secure your video by only allowing it to be played on certain domains or IP addresses.

Multilingual Video

Since the departments of a company are often spread over several countries, all Clevercast video solutions support multiple languages. This can be done by using subtitles, but also by adding audio streams in different languages. Even for live streams, you can easily provide simultaneous audio translations in 7 languages with OBS Studio.

Incompany Studio

For companies that want to go one step further and develop their own professional video studio, we can design a customized studio setup and install it on your premises. The result is an automated video production facility that is cost-effective, scalable and easy to use, and allows you to produce high-quality video without any help.

About Clevercast
Clevercast helps businesses to produce, manage, publish and and enrich interactive live and on-demand videos. Our applications provide companies with their own secure platform which can be styled and customized as desired. All our applications are fully GDPR compliant, mobile friendly and use adaptive HD streaming to optimize video quality for viewers around the globe.