Multilingual Live Streaming - Pricing


Use our Price Calculator to calculate the cost of your Clevercast Multilingual Live Streaming plan.

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We have different plans for:

  • Live streaming with embedded audio streams (Starter, Medium, Plus). These plans support both RTMP broadcasts with multiple audio channels and SRT broadcasts with multiple audio tracks
  • Live streaming with remote simultaneous interpretation using Clevercast Translate at Home (T@H Starter, T@H Medium, T@H Plus).

If you have a T@H plan, you will also be able to do multilingual live streaming with embedded audio in accordance with the the conditions of your T@H plan (number of audio streams, processing hours, data traffic..).

The opposite does not apply: if you have an embedded audio plan, you don’t have access to remote simultaneous interpretation using Clevercast T@H.

You can use all plans to broadcast regular monolingual live streams (using RTMP or SRT).

Note: these prices apply for multilingual live streaming with an embedded video player. If you want to use our webinar solution (with theming, registration, chat, polls …) with multilingual video, you should consult our Multilingual Webinar Plans instead.

How do your plans work?

Which plan is best for you will be determined by:

  • how the audio streams are broadcasted (using embedded audio channels or T@H)
  • the (maximum) number of languages
  • the live processing hours you need (see below)
  • the data traffic consumed by your viewers

Server-side recording is not included by default in our plans. Enabling it for your plan allows you to download a recorded video as a single MP4 file with multiple audio streams. Please note that:

  • If the translated audio contains background volume, this will also be the case in the downloaded audio.
  • To hear the additional languages in the downloaded mp4, you need a player that supports multiple audio streams (eg. VLC player).

You can add extra live processing hours to your plan. If server-side recording is enabled for your account, the extra live processing hours will be more expensive.

VoD conversion and hosting can be added to your plan per block of 10 hours of video.

For live streams with a large number of viewers, data traffic is usually the determining factor. We allow adding extra TBs of traffic to your plan in advance (= prepaid). This way, you avoid paying overuse afterwards at a higher price.

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