"The live event manager gives me all the tools I need to run live broadcasts by myself, while at the same time conducting the interviews with my guests. All the while, a recording of the livestream is being stored in the Clevercast cloud. This permits our online subscribers to immediately catch up via video on demand. The statistics dashboard provides me with realtime feedback on viewers numbers and behaviour."

Dirk Selleslagh, video producer and journalist De Tijd

Premium features

Private video sharing

For video that needs be securely shared within the organization we have developed a temporary URL application, which ensures video cannot be downloaded nor shared with outsiders. Video URL’s expire after a limited period of time, and are only accessible with a secret passphrase only known by your sharing application or mobile app. It’s perfectly suited for teams that need to review and comment on video, and for distributing video containing delicate information that should not be publicly accessible.

Cloud archiving

New on-demand videos can be automatically archived in the cloud, offering you a secure, durable, and low-cost manner to create a long-term backup of your video sources (or high quality encodings). Archived videos can be retrieved at all times through a URL with temporary validity, generated by Clevercast. Currently, Amazon S3 and Glacier are supported as cloud archiving solutions. Furthermore, it is also possible to export your media files to your own archive server via FTP.

Multilingual video and live streaming

Clevercast is perfectly suited for multi-language streaming to global audiences. The live management dashboard makes it easy to broadcast and test live video with any number of audio languages. The multilingual broadcast can be automatically recorded online and converted to video on-demand. Both the live and on-demand video will be streamed in multiple resolutions, allowing our Clevercast player to render them optimally, with few overhead and short page loads. The player can be integrated and shared on any website by simply copying its embed code, and allows viewers to select their preferred language.

Advanced integrations and API's

Our comprehensive REST API’s allow you to thoroughly integrate with the Clevercast platform. They provide programmable access to all your video content and metadata, live events and playlists, so you can independently extend every core platform feature. The application also lets you configure the necessary webhooks and callbacks, for example to get notified every time a video item is updated.

Our Player API allows you to create customized player experiences and player behavior. Clevercast player supports video player customization via CSS through standard JavaScript. We also provide a fully documented JavaScript library with methods and events to let you extend the functionality of your video player experience.

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Clevercast Academy

With Clevercast Academy we offer new and existing customers the opportunity to learn more about various aspects of online video. These hands-on workshops help you to get the most out of Clevercast, but also touch on wider subjects such as organizing webinars, technical tips for professional video productions, building your own video studio, and designing a coherent online video strategy.

The 2-hour sessions are completely free for customers and will take place at our office in Berchem, 3 times a year (in September, January and May). Registration is required.

In addition to these workshops we organize occasional live webinars which will be more high-level, catering to new customers wanting to know more about the Clevercast solutions and features. Webinars will be announced in our newsletter. So if you’re interested, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Next Academy session: 13 September 2017

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