Multilingual live streaming

Multilingual live streaming

  • Posted by Clevercast
  • On 03/02/2018
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Update July 2019: Clevercast now supports multi-channel RTMP streaming (as delivered by OBS Studio’s surround sound channels) and MPEG-TS multi-track streaming out of the box! Please check out our new blog post or the Clevercast Multilingual Streaming product page !!

Clevercast is perfectly suited for multilingual live streaming to global audiences. The live management dashboard makes it easy to broadcast and stream live video with any number of audio languages.

If you only need a few languages, a setup with multiple A+V RTMP broadcasters will probably be the best solution. In this case, Clevercast allows you to broadcast a separate RTMP stream per language. Using an embed code, you can easily integrate the multilingual video player on your site. Viewers can select their preferred language in the video player.

If you need more languages, you’ll need an MPEG-TS broadcaster. This is more complicated to set up and requires custom handling by us, resulting in a higher starting price. If you don’t own a MPEG-TS encoder with support for multiple audio channels – they are rather expensive – we can also do the broadcasting with our own encoders.

Live recording and conversion to on-demand

The multilingual broadcast can be automatically recorded online and converted to video on-demand. Once published, the recorded videos become available for on-demand viewing with our player allowing viewers to select the language of their choice.

Both the live and on-demand video’s will be encoded and streamed in multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming. The player automatically selects the most suitable resolution of the video stream, in order to ensure the best possible viewing experience on each device or platform.