Multilingual Livestreams from outside of Europe

It is possible to produce multilingual live streams with Clevercast from outside of Europe. But there are a number of things you should know.


1. Our ingest servers are in Europe, but our streaming servers are worldwide

Our ingest servers are currently located in Europe, which has consequences for broadcasting to Clevercast from others continents (see 2) and for choosing interpreters if you’re using Translate@Home (see 3).

For the delivery of the streams to your viewers, we use Amazon CloudFront which has local nodes all over the globe. So Clevercast is perfectly suited for global audiences. However, CloudFront pricing varies depending on the continent where your viewers are located (see 4).


2. Broadcasting from another continent: use SRT as your broadcast protocol !

To broadcast using RTMP from a location not in or near Europe without any interruptions, you will need a very fast and stable connection. We don’t recommend it.

We strongly recommend the SRT protocol to broadcast from other continents. SRT is designed to perform very well over long distances and unreliable networks. In our experience it is perfectly possible to send a quality SRT broadcast to Clevercast from anywhere in the world.

With SRT you can choose to send embedded audio streams along with the video, or you can send a single language as the floor language for your translators when using Translate@Home (T@H).


3. Test sufficiently if you want to use T@H with interpreters on another continent !

T@H uses WebRTC, so a basic requirement for interpreters is that they must have a fast and reliable connection to our ingest servers in Europe.

In this regard, we have found that each case is different. Sometimes, interpreters from another continent sound perfect. On other occasions, there is too much packet drop for realtime translation.

If you want to use interpreters on other continents, we recommend to test sufficiently in advance under circumstances parallel to the live stream.


4. Beware of the data traffic price for audiences in India, China and South-East Asia

Since we use Amazon CloudFront for global delivery of the streams, we also depend on their prices for data traffic. These prices differ greatly from region to region.

To accommodate for this, our price for global data traffic assumes that at least half  your audience is watching from Europe, Israel, US, Canada or Mexico.

If this is not the case, and a large part of your audience is located in India, China or South East Asia (Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Philippines), you are required to notify us in advance. Since CloudFront has very high prices for these regions, we will be obliged to charge a data traffic price that is higher than normal.