A self-service multilingual streaming platform

Clevercast is perfectly suited for multilingual live streaming to global audiences. Its live management dashboard makes it easy for you to broadcast and stream live video with any number of audio languages.

Clevercast supports different ways to broadcast a video stream with realtime translation in multiple languages:

» A separate RTMP stream per language. If you only need two or three languages and have sufficient outgoing bandwidth, you may decide to go for a setup with multiple RTMP broadcasters sending a regular RTMP stream for each language. In this case Clevercast will provide you with a broadcast URL per language, with each incoming stream consisting of a video and audio stream.

» A multi-channel RTMP stream with an audio channel for each language. OBS Studio, the free and cross-platform streaming software, is capable of broadcasting video with surround sound audio streams. Clevercast allows you to use this feature for multi-language streaming. Just add an audio channel for each language to your RTMP broadcast and start streaming.

» An MPEGT-TS broadcast with multiple audio tracks. Most MPEG-TS encoders with support for multiple audio tracks are also supported. However, these encoders tend to be quite expensive. So if you don’t yet have one, you may want to look at the multi-channel solution with OBS-studio.

You can use Clevercast to configure and manage your audio languages, along with the video resolutions for adaptive streaming and all the other live stream settings. When you start broadcasting, Clevercast will automatically transmux and transcode the incoming stream(s) and deliver them as a multilingual live stream, globally available via our CDN and Amazon CloudFront.

Clevercast’s multi language video player allows your viewers to switch to their preferred language while watching the video. Clevercast player provides the best possible experience on any device and platform (using adaptive streaming). You can easily embed Clevercast player on your website by copy-pasting its embed code.

Fragment from Sintel by the Blender Foundation. Press the headset menu to change the language.

Support for OBS multilingual streaming

OBS Studio can broadcast video with surround sound audio streams. It lets you configure a stream with up to 7 separate audio channels – 16 with the ASIO plugin – which can be used for multilingual live streaming.

Clevercast receives the broadcast and automatically transmits it as a global live stream using our CDN and Amazon CloudFront. You can use the Clevercast dashboard to configure your live broadcast, monitor the live stream(s), see realtime statistics and much more.

The Clevercast player can be easily embedded on your site. Just copy-paste the embed code from Clevercast and provide your viewers with the best possible experience on any device, in their own language.


Live stream manager
Our live stream dashboard allows you to configure and control all aspects of your live stream. It lets you select your languages, preview the broadcast, get info about stream quality, show a pancarte before and after the live stream…

Company branded multilingual video player
Our responsive HTML5 player can be styled as desired. It supports video advertising, advanced styling (CSS) and custom behaviour (buffering, pre-loading).

Easy embedding
The embed code for every live stream can be copy/pasted to your site(s). Works on any modern device and platform.

Limit stream accessibility
You can determine who can watch your live stream by configuring white and blacklists for countries, domains and IP addresses.

Detailed analytics
Our realtime dashboard informs you how many viewers are watching and from which country. Our analytics dashboard provides more detailed insights into the behaviour of your viewers.

Realtime adaptive transcoding
Clevercast automatically transcodes your incoming broadcasts into multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming, including HD.

Priority support
Get a support plan according to your needs with faster response times, uptime service level agreements or even a dedicated support engineer for live stream monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I broadcast a multilingual livestream without huge costs?
Yes. OBS Studio is free, open-source software and supports multilingual webcasts (see the OBS surround sound manual). But feel free to contact us if you’re unsure or need help with the production.

Do I need technical knowledge to use Clevercast?
No. Clevercast lets you select your broadcast options and provides you with the data to configure your broadcaster.

Can I show the video player on any website?
Yes. Our player can be easily embedded on any website, by simply copy-pasting the embed code and/or using the Javascript API.

Do my viewers need to install any software or browser plugins?
No. Clevercast player is an HTML5 player that works out of the box, in any modern browser and on any device (tablet, smartphone).

Can a multilingual live stream be combined with webinar functionality like viewer registration, interactivity…?
Yes. Clevercast Webinar also supports multilingual live streams.

What happens if there are (network) issues during the live broadcast?
Clevercast is fully redundant, so you can also broadcast to a backup URL. If the main live stream is unavailable, Clevercast player automatically switches to the backup stream.

How much does it cost?
Unfortunately we can’t answer that without knowing the duration of your live stream(s), the number of languages and the maximum (or expected) number of concurrent viewers. If you send us these, we’ll be happy to provide you with a ballpark quote.


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