Multilingual live streaming with Clevercast and OBS Studio

Multilingual live streaming with Clevercast and OBS Studio

  • Posted by Clevercast
  • On 02/08/2019
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The latest version of OBS Studio is capable of broadcasting video with surround sound audio over RTMP. OBS lets you stream up to 7 concurrent audio channels – 16 with the ASIO plugin – which can be surround sound channels but also general multichannel ones.

OBS multilingual streaming makes it a lot easier and cheaper to do live streaming with a single video stream and many audio streams. Until now, this was only possible using an expensive MPEG-TS encoder with support for multiple audio tracks.

Clevercast’s multilingual streaming platform has therefore been extended with support for multi-channel RTMP streaming. Our live management dashboard makes it easy for you to configure and monitor your audio languages. With the data received from Clevercast, you can set up your OBS surround sound channels.

Clevercast Multilingual Streaming is the only platform that allows users to set up and manage a multilingual live stream themselves, without support or extensive technical knowledge. It has been nominated for Best Streaming Innovation of 2019 by the readers of Streaming Media Magazine, the leading magazine for the online video industry.

When you start broadcasting, Clevercast automatically transmuxes and transcodes the incoming streams and delivers them as a multilingual live stream, globally available via our CDN and Amazon CloudFront.

Clevercast’s multi language video player lets your viewers switch to their preferred language at any time while watching the live stream. You can easily embed Clevercast player on your website by copy-pasting its embed code. Clevercast player uses adaptive streaming to provide worldwide viewers with the best possible experience on any device and platform, without requiring software or browser plugins to be installed.

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