Choose a mobile friendly video training or webinar platform

Choose a mobile friendly video training or webinar platform

  • Posted by Clevercast
  • On 30/11/2019
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Recent statistics show that a majority of users prefer to watch video training and webinars on mobile devices. About half of them use Android devices, the other half prefers iOS. When selecting an LMS or webinar solution it is therefore important to test video quality, interactivity and user-friendliness on mobile devices.

The nature of the platform already plays a role in this. Potential participants will drop out as soon as they have to install an application or plugin on their device. Let alone install a different application on each type of device.

With the current technology it is perfectly possible to organise interactive webinars that can be safely viewed in a web browser. Responsive design ensures that the interface automatically adjusts to the dimensions of each device, while the look and feel remains the same.

The quality of live video and audio must be optimised for different devices and connections. Adaptive streaming is a necessity. It allows participants to view the video in Full HD at any time, without overloading other devices. In addition, the video player must ensure that latency remains limited to allow interactivity, but also allow the video to continue with a slower internet connection. And, not unimportantly, the sound must remain clear under all circumstances.

For many training or webinar platform vendors, combining speaker and presentation videos remains a problem on mobile devices. Sometimes the image of the speaker is even omitted. Another common design flaw on mobile is to display the interactive elements underneath each other. By forcing the viewer to scroll continuously, it becomes almost impossible for him to watch and participate at the same time. A better alternative is to show speaker, presentation and interactive elements such as audience polls in the video player itself. This allows users to simultaneously view a training or webinar video fullscreen in HD and actively participate in it.

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