Live event manager

The live event manager is a complete dashboard to control every aspect of your live broadcasts. This includes configuring broadcast quality, customizing player look and feel, setting geographical restrictions, scheduling start time, and adding pancartes or messages that show up in the player. It also lets you preview the live stream and determine when it is visible to your viewers. To show the live player on your website, just copy and paste its embed code. Or configure the live broadcast to be relayed to your social media channels.

Live to On-Demand

You can choose to automate the cloud recording of your live broadcast or start and stop it manually. When you decide to publish a recorded video to on-demand, Clevercast provides the tools to trim the video length, add tags and metadata, customize the player, select or upload a splash screen image, add subtitles and more. Furthermore, you can enrich your videos with interactive call-to-actions to connect with your audience and personalize the viewing experience. On-demand videos can also be published on your preferred social media channels, either automatically as part of a selected workflow or manually.


Simulcasting is short for simultaneous broadcasting, which means that your live video signal can be distributed to two, three or even more internet channels at the same time, typically a combination of corporate websites, partner platforms and social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Until recently, this kind of setup required loads of bandwidth at the event venue, and even more hardware to process and transmit the camera feed as multiple parallel broadcasts. With Clevercast’s simulcasting module, only one video feed needs to be broadcasted from the production site (office, event venue, studio). Clevercast will automatically relay the live stream to the channels of your choice, taking away the hassle and costs at the production site.

Read our blog post about simulcasting to find out more.

Your stream can be delivered to multiple channels at the same time guaranteeing maximum reach and impact

Your Facebook page

Your Twitter timeline

Your YouTube channel

Your corporate website

Your private intranet