Why choose us?

As preferred video production and livestream partner for countless local and international companies ever since 2005, our engineers are experienced in all aspects of producing and distributing a live stream. We can either manage the complete production process from A to Z, including the audiovisual equipment and camera work, or we can work together with your audiovisual partner to pick up their video signal for further processing, encoding and delivery to your online audience.

For experienced customers who handle the on site production themselves we offer remote monitoring services, with dedicated streaming engineers actively following your live stream, for extra peace of mind.

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How do we work?

Step 1

Pre-event preparation

A well-prepared event reduces last-minute stress and avoids unexpected obstacles during the event day, so we take this very seriously. Some of the services we offer at the pre-event stage are:

  • Kick-off meeting to discuss your requirements, both in terms of content, broadcast channels and camera setup
  • Site visit to assess existing infrastructure, determine camera positions and test internet connectivity
  • Secure access to a professional transmission service (landline, satellite, bundled 3/4G)
  • Reserve regional or global bandwidth capacity to ensure scalability for large events
  • Assist your webmaster while integrating the Clevercast video player in your event page and/or setting up social media live event pages
  • You’ll receive a login to the Clevercast management platform, giving you access to analytics, player embed code and – immediately after your event has finished – a recording of the entire livestream.
  • On some occasions, script rehearsals and dry runs may be desired. Rehearsals are typically performed one or more days prior to the event, in the presence of our video director.

Step 2

Event day

On the event day our crew arrives well ahead of time for final testing and to adjust for last-minute changes. From now on, all aspects related to the live broadcast are firmly in our hands, so you can concentrate on the offline proceedings.

  • Single or multi-camera video production: one, two, three or even more cameras are combined in a dynamic mix by the video director
  • Pre-recorded video fragments or live screen demos can be added to the mix
  • Cameramen in the room have intercom communication with the video director
  • A dedicated sound engineer creates an audio mix of the different microphones, which is subsequently “embedded” in the video signal
  • A streaming engineer is responsible for encoding, recording and broadcasting the video to the Clevercast cloud infrastructure for distribution to the viewers
  • The Clevercast dashboard provides real-time insights on the number of viewers who are following the livestream and their geographical location.

Step 3

Post-production and replay

The entire livestream is automatically recorded as on-demand video and is available on your Clevercast dashboard right after the end of the livestream.

While still at the event venue, we clean up the recording and publish it for replay and catch-up (only if you want this of course). In the course of the next days we can create more compact edits of your event video (showing highlights, or lifting out particularly interesting quotes), which can be used for promotional purposes.

As a final step, Clevercast can sync and publish to your social media, without having to upload files over and over again. This is explained more in depth on the Social media features page.

Step 4

Analytics and debrief

During the days following the event we get back to you for a debrief. What went well? Where is room for improvement? What could have been organized more efficiently? By doing this you will be better prepared for the next event, which in turn will result in a detailed script and production sheet covering all aspects of your online events.

We help analyse user statistics, explaining what they mean in terms of impact, reach and viewer behaviour. These insights will be a guiding light for future livestreams, both in terms of content as on a technical level. For example, when analytics show that the average span of attention is shorter than the duration of your event, you may want to break up your program in shorter time blocks.

After one or two successful live streams you will be confident enough to start managing (parts of) the production process by yourself, allowing for considerable cost cutting over time. At this stage, we can advice you in matters like audiovisual hardware, scripting, lighting, software and post-production.

Use simulcasting to broadcast a single stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter...

Simulcasting is short for “simultaneous broadcasting”, which means that your live video signal can be distributed to two, three or even more internet channels at the same time, typically a combination of corporate websites, (media) partner platforms and social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Until recently, this kind of setup required loads of bandwidth at the event venue, and even more hardware to process and transmit the camera feed as multiple parallel broadcasts. With Clevercast’s simulcasting module, only one video feed needs to be broadcasted from the production site (office, event venue, studio). Clevercast will automatically relay the livestream to the channels of your choice, taking away the hassle and costs at the production site.


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