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A number of interactive, clickable elements have been added to this video using Clevercast’s timeline editor. The timeline editor comes with a range of ready-to-use widgets which can be dragged onto the video timeline and styled according using CSS. Video is delivered via adaptive streaming and can be easily embedded on your site by copy/pasting the Clevercast player embed code.

Cooking videos and photos by cottonbro from Pexels.

Create your own interactive video

Clevercast allows customers to easily create and publish videos with interactive elements inside of them.

This way, they can add calls-to-action and navigation to other videos, video fragments and websites. An interactive video can be shown on a client’s website by simply copying and pasting the player embed code.

Timeline editor

With Clevercast’s timeline editor you can layer interactive, clickable calls to action on top of the video, such as a Buy now button, links to specific product pages, a feedback form or a custom call to action. Apart from speeding up purchase decisions this can also greatly improve the viewing experience. With buttons you can add a navigation structure to your video, so a viewer can jump immediately to relevant fragments within the video or load related content.

The timeline editor comes with a range of ready-to-use widgets (including images, Google Maps, text, buttons and lower thirds) which can simply be dragged on the video timeline and be styled according to your styling guidelines using CSS.

Video heatmaps and in-video click tracking

Video heatmaps are a powerful visual representation of the viewing behavior of your audience. By dragging your mouse pointer over the video you see exactly which parts of the video are watched most, which parts are not engaging viewers, and which parts are watched repeatedly, indicating particular viewer interest.

Things get even more interesting when combined with interactive video. In-video clicks are also tracked and plotted out on the heatmaps, giving you detailed feedback on how your viewers navigate in the video, which call-to-actions work well, and at which point in the video your customers are ready to purchase a product. A real marketeer’s dream.

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