Global multilingual live streaming has never been so easy

Global multilingual live streaming has never been so easy

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  • On 04/07/2020
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Clevercast makes it easy to deliver multilingual live streaming to global audiences. Our live management dashboard allows you to ingest your broadcast, do simultaneous translation into any number of languages and send the result as a global live stream with multiple languages.

Global multilingual streaming

You can add Clevercast player to your website by copying its embed code. It allows your viewers to switch to their preferred language while watching the video. The language selection works in the same way on desktop and on iOS and Android devices.

Clevercast uses adaptive streaming to provide the best possible experience on any device and platform. We use Amazon CloudFront for global delivery, so viewers anywhere in the world can request the stream from a local server. The number of concurrent viewers is more or less unlimited. If you expect 15.000 concurrent viewers or more, we’d appreciate a heads-up.

Clevercast automatically transcodes your incoming broadcasts in realtime to multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming, including HD. This way viewers get the best possible experience, regardless of their location, device or internet connection.

Heatmap of a global live stream with Clevercast T@H

Heatmap of a global live stream with Clevercast T@H

Heatmap of a RTMP Multichannel Live Stream with Clevercast

Heatmap of a RTMP Multichannel Live Stream with Clevercast

Clevercast Translate at Home (T@H)

Clevercast Translate at Home (T@H) lets you broadcast a live stream with simultaneous translation without interpreters having to be present at the event venue or in the studio. Every interpreter can watch the live stream at home and translate in realtime. Clevercast receives all audio streams and merges them with the broadcasted video and audio. The result is a live stream with multiple languages.

Translate at Home allows simultaneous interpretation for any number of languages. It doesn’t require expensive equipment or advanced knowledge of live streaming. You can broadcast the live stream with OBS Studio, Wirecast, vMix or any other encoder. You can even re-stream your Zoom meeting.

Interpreters only need a fast, wired internet connection and a headset with noise cancelling. You send them a secure link to their language room in Clevercast. They use it to watch the live stream, translate it in realtime and communicate with each other via their browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Several translators can alternate for the same language.

Production with multiple audio streams

If you are a streaming professional and would like to live stream a full production with multiple audio streams, that is also possible. In that case audio streams are broadcasted along with the video stream. Clevercast supports multiple broadcast protocols that allow you to do this:

» An SRT broadcast with an audio track for each language. The SRT protocol is reliable for broadcasts over very long distances and may contain multiple audio tracks. Clevercast lets you turn an SRT broadcast with multiple audio tracks (supported by OBS Studio) into a multilingual livestream.

» A multi-channel RTMP stream with an audio channel for each language. OBS Studio, the free and cross-platform streaming software, is capable of broadcasting video with surround sound audio streams. Clevercast allows you to use this feature for multi-language streaming. Just add an audio channel for each language to your RTMP broadcast and start streaming.

Why use Clevercast?

Unlike platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, Clevercast respects the private nature of your event. There are no plain or hidden ads, no links to an external ecosystem or popups with references to other videos. We meet the GDPR requirements and keep your data secure at all times.

You get what you paid for! We deliver your video in HD without any restrictions, with adaptive streaming for the best experience on all devices. No algorithms will automatically stop your live stream due to an alleged copyright violation, such as background music, or other unspecified reasons. As a paying customer, you are responsible for your own content.

Clevercast player can be branded. Our player does not contain a logo or watermark. Even its colors can be customized.

We allow you to do all necessary tests in advance. In our backend you can (re)start an event indefinitely, without needing a new event URL or embed code for every attempt. We are happy to give you the necessary support. Once everything works, just leave your configuration until your event starts.

About Clevercast
Clevercast helps businesses to produce, manage, publish and and enrich interactive live and on-demand videos. Our applications provide companies with their own secure platform which can be styled and customized as desired. All our applications are fully GDPR compliant, mobile friendly and use adaptive HD streaming to optimize video quality for viewers around the globe.