FAQ - Plans & Pricing

This FAQ is about our plans and pricing. See the FAQ overview if you have questions about other topics.

General Questions

What plans do you have ?

We have different monthly plans depending on the solution you need. Our basic plans are for multilingual live streaming, pseudo-live streaming, interactive webinars, enterprise video and video learning (see our Terminology FAQ for more info).

You decide when your monthly plan starts and ends (eg 12 okt – 12 nov). A monthly plan is not automatically renewed, so your account will be disabled when it ends.

A plan for a longer period or with automatic renewal is possible. If you regularly need a monthly plan, an annual plan will probably be cheaper. Contact us for more info.

How do I order a plan?

Use our price calculator to get a quote for a monthly plan. If you are ready to order, send us the quote number and we’ll send back an invoice. We require prepayment, which is possible via bank transfer (send us a copy of the receipt) or Paypal. When we receive (proof of) payment, we’ll set up your account asap.

Do you provide translators ?

Clevercast is a self-service SaaS solution that allows you to hire your own interpreters. We don’t provide or manage interpreters ourselves, but we can refer you to a partner company with professional interpreters.

Our interfaces are easy to use. If a translator has basic knowledge of remote simultaneous interpretation, she should be able to use Clevercast straight away.

Do you provide event / premium support ?

Basic support (email, best effort) is included for all plans.

We also offer Premium support for a guaranteed response time outside CET office hours (evenings, nights, weekends). Premium support comes with a custom Slack channel, through which you can directly contact our support engineers. The cost depends on the days and hours during which your event takes place and the expected level of service (eg. permanent monitoring or on-call availability). Please provide us with this info when contacting us for an offer.

Please note:

  • Support is currently limited to (extended) office hours in CET and EST time zones.
  • Our support doesn’t include interpreter management. We can give you advice and help you troubleshoot interpreter issues (as far as possible) but you are responsible for the communication with your interpreters and testing in advance. If it turns out during the live stream that an interpreter’s connection or equipment isn’t good enough, there’s not much we can do.

Resources and Variable Costs

What happens if my plan contains insufficient data traffic or live processing hours?

For an explanation of what data traffic, live processing and VoD transcoding means, see our Terminology FAQ.

You are free to choose the amount of data traffic, live processing hours and VoD transcoding hours included in your plan (in advance).  If these don’t suffice, we will charge overuse afterwards based on the overuse prices in your plan.

As a rule we never stop your live stream, regardless of the amount of overuse. If you are not a regular customer and the overuse is totally disproportionate to the amount of data traffic included in your plan, we may decide to contact you. Only if you can’t be contacted and the overuse is very high, we reserve the right to stop your live stream.

Can I add data traffic or live processing hours after my plan has started ?

No, unless explicitly allowed by us in advance. We only allow this in few exceptional cases, for example if the event drastically changes during the course of a plan. Even in such case, overuse that has already been used will be charged as overuse.

Our plans have volume discounts for data traffic starting from 20 TB. This means that you’ll get a lower price per TB and a lower overuse price in proportion to the data traffic included in your plan.

Do I get a refund for unused data traffic ?

No. We recommend making a conservative estimate of your data traffic and pay overuse costs if necessary. Don’t overestimate the average number of simultaneous viewers.

Do annual plans also have monthly overuse ?

For annual contracts with prepayment, there is no monthly overuse. You can freely use the resources included in your annual plan throughout the year. If these prove insufficient, you can add new resources based on their price in the plan (= not an overuse price).

For annual contracts with monthly payment, there is still monthly overuse. But in that case, the overuse prices will be lower than the overuse prices of a monthly plan

Can I get a custom quote ?

If your request is too complex for our plans, you can ask for a custom quote. Send us your live streaming schedule and an answer to the following questions:

  • Which solution(s) do you need? Try to be specific, e.g. if you need multilingual live streaming, let us know whether you will use Translate@Home or not?
  • In case of multilingual live or pseudo-live streaming: the number of languages and/or captions?
  • The date and time(s) of your live stream(s), including the timezone?
  • The total duration of your live stream?
  • If there are multiple simultaneous live streams, how many (include a schedule)?
  • The average amount of simultaneous viewers (= over the duration of the entire live stream, don’t overestimate it)?
  • If you are broadcasting a live stream: which broadcast protocol will you be using? Will you be using an encoder (which one?), an in-browser studio, Zoom… ?
  • The highest resolution of your broadcast (1080p or 720p)?
  • Do you want us to host your VoD videos after the live event? If so, for how many months?
  • Do you need premium / event support?

Try to provide us with as much information as possible, so we can properly assess your request. If possible, fill in our price calculator and send the plan along with your questions.

Other questions ?

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