FAQ - Live Recording and Video on-Demand

This FAQ is about recording of live streams and conversion and hosting of Video on-Demand (VoD). See the FAQ overview if you have questions about other topics.

Live Recording

Does Clevercast record single-language live streams?

For single language live streams, Clevercast normally uses nDVR. This means that your entire broadcast is automatically recorded.

However, if you have an account that also supports multilingual live streams, single-language live streams will be recorded in the same way as multilingual ones (see below).

Note: we recommend that you always make a local recording if possible, even if a server-side recording is available.

Does Clevercast record multilingual live streams?

Yes. The live stream is recorded and downloaded as a single mp4 file containing the video stream and all audio streams (= languages). VLC player, for example, lets you play the different audio languages.

Recording is automatically started when you start an event. When you set the event status to ended, the recording becomes available under the Live -> Recording menu.

Please note: the outgoing audio streams are recorded. If you add floor audio in the background of your translated streams, this will also be audible in the recording.

What is the maximum duration of a live recording.

By default, the maximum duration of a live recording is set to 24 hours. Clevercast automatically ends a recording 24 hours after you’ve started your event. Contact us if your recording needs to be longer.

Can I convert a live recording to Video on-Demand?

Yes, if your plan includes it. Clevercast lets you publish live recordings to on-demand items. If the live recording contains multiple languages, the will also be available as part of the VoD item.

The on-demand video player can be embedded on your website. Language selection works the same way as for the live stream.

Please note that the Video on-Demand video will have a different embed code (and direct link) than the live event.

Can I trim start and end point of the VoD item? Can I create multiple VoD items from a single live recording?

Yes, when converting the recording to VoD, Clevercast allows you to select the start and end point of the VoD video. This allows you to create multiple VoD items, each with a different start and end point.

How long does it take before the Video on-Demand is available for viewing?

This depends on the duration of the video to be published. For example, a 2 hour video will take about 40-50 minutes. If you publish multiple videos at the same time, the duration may be longer (contact us if you need to speed this up).

Video on-Demand

Can you upload a single-language video on-demand ?

Yes, upload your source video. Clevercast will automatically transcode the video into multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming and publish them on our global CDN.

Can you upload a multilingual source video?

Currently, this is only possible if the source video file was recorded by Clevercast. But there is another way: see the following questions.

Can I create a multilingual VoD item in Clevercast (possibly as the source for pseudo-live streaming)?

Yes. You do this by first uploading a single language video (video + floor audio), and then adding the audio translations (MP3) and/or closed captions (WebVTT) files to the VoD item. See this guide for more info.

Are VoD statistics available?

Yes. VoD statistics are mostly the same as live statistics. Again, no per-language statistics are available.

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