Secure video sharing

If you want your video’s to be shared securely, you can enable Clevercast’s temporary URL functionality. This ensures that all your private videos are only accessible using a secure streaming URL. These URLs can be dynamically generated by your website, CMS application or mobile app using a secret passphrase. They expire after a certain period of time, as determined by your client application.

You should use secure video sharing if you don’t want your videos to be downloaded or shared with third parties. After the given period of time expires, the video shall no longer be accessible by the viewer. Your client application can easily generate the secure URL parameters (secure token and time of expiry) and add them to the video’s embed code or use our player API.

Secure video sharing works in our HTML5 player on all platforms and devices. It is fully compatible with adaptive streaming in multiple resolutions, so your audience will always get the best possible viewing experience. It can also be combined with Clevercast’s interactive video functionality.