Why choose Clevercast?

Clevercast offers an all-in-one SaaS platform which includes all necessary features for live and on-demand video management, distribution, monetization and analytics. The platform is fast, reliable and scalable. It includes an interactive HTML5 player that can be tailored to your preferences.

At Clevercast we believe in working together with our customers. This not only means that we try to offer you the best value for money but also that we are available if you need any help. Integration with your own environment or third-party solutions is important, so we offer customizable workflows, hooks and a set of API’s. If you need custom features, we can extend our software to fit your needs.

Clevercast provides a single video access point for organizations. Enterprises can use it to define video access rules and permissions and automate complex video workflows. Clevercast is used by enterprises, organisations and government institutions in order to engage and empower employees, partners and customers.

Clevercast Enterprise can also be used as a low-cost solution to have your own video ads on your sites. Since Clevercast is a turnkey solution, there’s no need for a separate player, transcoding engine, CDN… Just configure your ad URL in Clevercast, upload videos and copy their embed codes to your site.

You can also use Clevercast Enterprise for temporary projects: for instance for a marketing site with on-demand videos, (pseudo) live streams during a certain period or an advertising campaign with video banners and/or interactive VoD.

Fast and scalable

Our services have been used by online media channels since 2005 for live and on-demand video. We know the importance of new videos being transcoded and published at lightning speeds.

The reliability of our SaaS solution guarantees 24/7 adaptive streaming in high quality and is resistant to peaks in traffic. Our interactive HTML5 player offers viewers an optimal experience on every screen and device.


One repository for all your videos

Simplify video management
Upload, edit and manage your on-demand videos. Add tags, title and description. Publish when ready.

Adaptive transcoding & streaming
Uploaded videos are transcoded into multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming, including glorious HD resolutions.

Interactive Video
Use our timeline editor to layer interactive, clickable call-to-actions on top of your on-demand videos.

Company branded video player
Responsive HTML5 player with your own watermark and corporate color scheme. Supports video advertising, advanced styling (CSS) and custom behavior (buffering, pre-loading).

Easy embedding
The embed code for every video can be easily copy/pasted. Works on every device and platform.

Smart automation and integration

Smart playlists
Use playlists that are automatically updated with new on-demand videos based on tags and metadata.

Video workflow profiles
Schedule editing and publication of your video through workflow profiles. Add notifications before or after every step your workflow.

APIs and advanced integrations
Our comprehensive REST APIs and webhooks allow for easy integration with your CMS or CRM. Our Player API allows you to customize player behavior through standard JavaScript.

FTP Hotfolders
Upload your on-demand videos using FTP or let Clevercast transfer videos automatically to your own FTP server.

Cloud Archiving
Automatically have your videos archived in your Amazon S3 and Glacier repositories, or integrate Clevercast with your own archive solution.

The easiest way to share your live events

Live event manager
The live event manager is a dashboard that allows you to configure and preview your broadcast and control every aspect of your live stream.

Auto-record your live streams. Trim and publish video highlights to on-demand while the live stream is still running.

Automatically simulcast incoming streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other channels of your liking.

Realtime adaptive transcoding
Transcode your incoming broadcasts into multiple resolutions for adaptive streaming, including HD.

Stream your presentation slides
Broadcast your presentation slides along with the main video. Let viewers toggle how video and slides are shown, from side-by-side or PiP to full screen.

Ready for the enterprise

Roles and permissions
Role based permissions provide a fine-grained tool to involve multiple users with different responsibilities in the video creation and publishing process.

Detailed analytics
The analytics dashboard provides detailed insights into how, where and when your audience consumes video. Video heatmaps let you follow the exact behavior of your viewers including interactive clicks.

White/blacklists and private video sharing
Control access to your video content by adding domain, IP and geo checks. Share video with team members in a private environment.

Encrypted video URLs
Limit access to your videos using a shared secret, encryption and URLs which expire in time.

Priority support
Get a support plan according to your needs with faster response times, uptime service level agreements or even a dedicated support engineer for live stream monitoring.

Try it yourself

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If you want more info about certain aspects of our solution, be sure to let us know. Or ask us for a full platform demo.

We are fully GDPR compliant. Our data is stored on our own servers located in private racks in several separate ISO 27001-compliant datacenters within the EU. All hardware and software is monitored 24/7, with automated alerts for possible threats or malfunctions.

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