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Demo: live stream with closed captions and multiple audio languages

Demo: live stream with closed captions and multiple audio languages

The live stream below contains both closed captions and audio languages in multiple languages. It starts every half hour and lasts 15 minutes. Before and after the live stream, Clevercast shows a custom image and a countdown timer. This particular live stream is the result of simulive streaming, but it will look exactly the same […]

{:en}Demo: recorded multilingual live stream in 7 languages{:}{:nl}Demo: meertalige live streaming in 7 talen{:}

Demo: recorded multilingual live stream in 7 languages

This Video on-Demand is the recording of a live broadcast with remote simultaneous interpretation using Translate@Home. It was broadcast with OBS Studio and ingested, live streamed and recorded by Clevercast. Other encoders can be used, including SRT encoders that send multiple audio tracks. The multilingual live streaming works in the same way as the video […]

{:en}Demo: video learning platform with accreditation{:}{:nl}Demo: video leerplatform met accreditatie{:}

Demo: video learning platform with accreditation

Clevercast Learning allows participants to watch interactive videos and answer questions about them. When the user meets your pre-configured conditions, such as watching the entire/partial video and correctly answering a certain percentage of questions, she may receive credit points and/or a certificate. This way, Clevercast Learning can be used to organise online courses with accreditation […]

{:en}Demo: presentation video with slides{:}{:nl}Demo: presentatie video met slides{:}

Demo: presentation video with slides

This demo video shows how a presentation video and slides can be combined in a┬álearning video using Clevercast. Viewers can toggle the way video and slides are presented, from side-by-side or PiP to full screen. For an on-demand video, a slide carousel is automatically generated, making it easy to navigate to specific parts of the […]

{:en}Demo: video playlist{:}{:nl}Demo: video playlist{:}

Demo: video playlist

A playlist is a set of selectable video items, played in a certain order. Clevercast lets you determine the playlist filter and order criteria, maximum number of items, continuous play… Clevercast also lets you create smart playlists based on one or more tags. They will get updated automatically whenever you upload or record a new […]