Demo: video learning platform with accreditation

Clevercast Learning allows participants to watch interactive videos and answer questions about them. When the user meets your pre-configured conditions, such as watching the entire/partial video and correctly answering a certain percentage of questions, she may receive credit points and/or a certificate. This way, Clevercast Learning can be used to organise online courses with accreditation conditions set by government agencies or professional associations.

Clevercast Learning provides an optimal experience on all devices (desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android …) in multiple languages (languages can be added on request). Presentations with slides are displayed in a dual canvas, which is controlled by the viewer. Learning modules can consist of multiple videos and can be offered according to language, role or status of the user.

Since Clevercast Learning offers a personalised experience, it requires user registration:

  • To discover Clevercast Learning as an end user, register at our demo site with ‘cc4learning’ as registration code. Once registered, you can watch courses, answer questions, receive certificates…
  • To set up your own learning application, request a trial account. This will give you administrator access to your own application, so you can customise the look and feel, upload videos and create courses, accept new users…
  • Or contact us for a demo of Clevercast Learning.