Demo: video with interactive elements

A number of interactive, clickable elements have been added to this video using Clevercast’s timeline editor. The timeline editor comes with a range of ready-to-use widgets which can be dragged onto the video timeline and styled according using CSS. Video is delivered via adaptive streaming and can be easily embedded on your site by copy/pasting the Clevercast player embed code.

The timeline editor and interactive video player are integrated in our Clevercast Enterprise and Webinar solutions. Upon request, they can also be used in combination with our other solutions and services.

Feel free to click on the interactive elements in the video below:

  • Images linking to a different point in this video or another video, or to an external web page
  • Lower third (overlay can be linking to a web page, here it isn’t)
  • Text messages, with and without link
  • Clickable buttons with different effects
  • Video pause, requiring the viewer to take action

For a demonstration or trial account, please contact us.

Cooking videos and photos by cottonbro from Pexels.