Why many businesses would benefit from a video portal

Why many businesses would benefit from a video portal

  • Posted by Clevercast
  • On 19/06/2019
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Many businesses would benefit from using more video, both for internal purposes and online marketing. Think training videos and presentations, communication to employees, instruction videos for partners and customers, etc. These days such videos can be made almost without costs, using prosumer cameras or even tablets and smartphones.

But most companies lack a way to easily and safely share their videos with the right people. Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are clearly not suitable for this. Not only because they are financed from advertising, but also because they lack the necessary tools for collaboration.

A video portal could meet these corporate demands. First and foremost such a portal should be very easy to use, both for adding and distributing videos and for allowing users to discover and share them. Its interface should be intuitive and available on all platforms and devices. Preferably it should also allow for custom branding and support the language of all potential users.

Finally, security is a must. This applies to the platform as a whole and to the videos in particular, so they cannot be downloaded or streamed by third parties without permission. On the other hand, it should still be possible to embed videos intended for external marketing on public websites. Since sensitive personal data may be stored online, the platform should also comply with the GDPR.

Clevercast Corporate Portal meets all the above requirements. For more information, see its product page or contact us. Do you want to give it a try? Send us a request and we’ll set up a trial account for you.