Multilingual live streams using StreamYard, Restream, Lightstream…

In-browser studios are an easy way to broadcast a professional looking live stream without requiring an encoder and advanced knowledge about streaming. You can start broadcasting immediately, without having to install software like OBS Studio, Wirecast or vMix. You don’t need to know all about input devices and broadcast protocols. Some well known examples are StreamYard, and Lightstream.

Clevercast makes it easy to produce multilingual live streams from these in-browser studios, using Translate@Home for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI). You only need to set Clevercast’s RTMP URL and stream key in your in-browser studio.

Note: Clevercast’s ingest servers are located in Europe. If your preferred in-browser studio only has streaming servers in the US, sending a 1080p stream to Clevercast requires you to use our US ingest hub. A 720p stream from the US should be possible without our US ingest hub.


Advantage of in-browser studios

Originally these in-browser studios were aimed at easily starting a broadcast with a webcam and microphone. Nowadays most of them contain more advanced functionality, including the ability to invite a dozen virtual guests and add them to your broadcasts.

For virtual presentations, conferences and town hall meetings they have become a worthy alternative to meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Moreover, they give you more control over the look and feel of you video and are able to broadcast a higher video quality.

Like Zoom, you need a paid subscription in order to broadcast to a custom RTMP address. But unlike Zoom, no watermark will be added to your broadcast when you have a paid subscription.


Clevercast Features

Clevercast Translate@Home allows you to translate the incoming broadcast to as many languages you want. You can add the multilingual live stream to your site by embedding Clevercast player, allowing your viewers to select their preferred language in the player and listen to it (see demo).

Moreover, Clevercast also supports broadcasting the live stream with a selected language to third party platforms that don’t support multilingual video (like YouTubeFacebookTwitter …).

It is also possible to record the video and all languages server-side and publish the recording afterwards on your site as Video on-Demand. Or use it for streaming the same live video to a different audience by pseudo-live streaming the recorded VoD.

For more info, see the Clevercast Translate@Home product page.