Using Breakout Webinars in Clevercast

Breakout webinars (or rooms) allow you to split up a single webinar into multiple simultaneous webinar sessions, allowing participants to freely choose between them. Breakout webinars also work with multilingual live streaming.


Setting up breakout webinars

In most cases, the parent webinar and the breakout webinars will have the same look and feel. During the configuration process it is easier to set up the parent webinar first and then use it to clone the breakout webinars on its General Settings page. Once they are cloned, you can continue configuring the name, description and other specifics of the breakout webinars.

When you’re done, go to the parent webinar and select all of its breakout webinars (see screenshot).

Setup Breakout Webinars

How to Setup Breakout Webinars

All selected webinars automatically become breakout webinars (to undo, unselect them again).


Breakout webinars and registration

The main point of using breakout webinars is that participants do not have to register separately for breakout webinars. Both the parent webinar and all breakout webinars share the same registration page, emails and registrant management.

Registration management is done in the registration section of the parent webinar: you can configure the registration page and emails, like you do for a single webinar. You can also import and manage registrants, approve them, resend emails… Everything will work as if it is a single webinar.

Manage registration for breakout webinars

Manage registration for breakout webinars

Statistics remain available separately for each of the webinars. The registration menu of the breakout webinars will still let you see the per-registrant statistics for the breakout webinar, so you know who watched each breakout webinar and for how long.

Participants who try to access one of the webinars, without being registered, are all redirected to the same registration page. After registering they get access to the parent or breakout webinar, but also to all other breakout webinars. All webinars can also be converted to video on-demand.


Accessing breakout webinars

By default, the links to all breakout webinars (title and descriptions) are available through the Watch All Videos tab under the Clevercast player. Optionally, you can add extra information in the Agenda tab or the Overview tab of the Webinars.

Optional: Breakout webinar info via Agenta tab

Optional: Breakout webinar info via Agenda tab

Breakout webinar links available via View all Videos

Breakout webinar links via View all Videos


Breakout webinars and other features

Breakout webinars can be combined with other features like multilingual live streaming, pseudo-live streaming and simulcasting. If you need info about a specific feature, please contact us.



Sending multiple concurrent 1080p or 720p adaptive live streams results in an additional cost. In most cases breakout webinars will be part of a larger project for which we’ll make a custom price.