Branding and Customization in Clevercast Learning and Webinar

Branding and Customization in Clevercast Learning and Webinar

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  • On 01/06/2020
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Clevercast Learning and Webinar make it easy for companies to set up their own web application for live and on-demand video training or marketing. Our dual-canvas player allows for a fully automated production of live and on-demand videos (e-learning courses, webinars, conferences). Clevercast also lets viewers interact with the presenter, moderators and each other through chat, Q&A, surveys, audience polls… To qualify for accreditation by professional and governmental bodies, Clevercast tracks and verifies student presence and attention.

Clevercast has a multilingual, mobile friendly and intuitive interface that can be fully branded and customized by customers. Landing, registration and player pages can be styled to reflect your brand identity. Most aspects of the application’s operation and workflow can also be adapted to the requirements of your organization.

Custom theme and branding

You can fully brand your application by adding your application name, site, support address, logo, banner, background images and colors, color scheme, social media icons, share buttons, player, poster images… You can even go a step further and provide your own custom CSS.

Clevercast Learning lets you choose between two homepage themes. The first theme has infinite, vertical module scrolling. Modules can be ordered according to different criteria (eg. newest first, alphabetically). This is intended for a limited number of modules per user or a limited increase in modules over time. 

Homepage theme with infinite vertical scrolling (light)

In the second homepage theme, modules are divided into categories. This allows viewers to scroll horizontally through separate categories, much like Netflix’s interface. This theme assumes that you have a large library to which new videos are added regularly.

Homepage theme with horizontal scrolling per category (dark)

Both themes can be light or dark, and allow viewers to search for videos using name, description or category. In both themes, modules that haven’t been completed by a viewer are shown at the top. In the second theme, they are shown under a separate ‘Continue Watching’  categorie. Videos that are completed are automatically moved to the end.

Custom application behavior

You can adapt the way the application works to the needs of your organization. This can be done for the application as a whole, but also for individual modules or webinars. As administrator, you can decide:

  • how participants get access (eg invitation only, registration with secure token, open registration, API)
  • to which live and on-demand videos they get access (also possible through API)
  • how their attendance is verified
  • under which conditions they can receive certificates and credits
  • whether they get to participate in audience polls and/or quizzes
  • if Clevercast automatically sends them certificates when they complete a module

Modular design

You decide what parts of the interface become visible to your participants. For example, if you don’t fill in description, agenda (for a live module or webinar), speaker, certificates, credit points… they will not be shown to participants. The same goes for interactive features such as chat, Q&A, surveys and Twitter feeds (for a live module or webinar).

Live module in Clevercast Learning with limited functionality

Clevercast Webinar for an event with multiple sessions

The first image shows a live learning module with only a summary, chat and handouts enabled. The second image is from a live multi-session webinar with Q&A, a Twitter feed, an agenda, a survey and related videos.

Emails and templates

Login and registration pages can be fully branded and customized. For example, you can decide which fields in a login or registration form should be visible, required and optional. Upon request, custom form field can be added, or we can set up a custom template.

All emails sent to participants (eg registration, reminder, certificate obtained) are also branded (logo, color scheme). The text in the emails is largely customizable. Upon request, a custom email template is possible.

You can configure the sender and reply-to email headers, so emails will look like they originate from your organization. For webinars, you can schedule reminder and follow-up emails, so you can target different viewer segments with personalized calls-to-action.


Clevercast is secured according to state of the art security protocols, which are regularly updated. Clevercast always uses HTTPS and valid certificates. Multiple types of authentication are possible (which may be extended on a project basis). Within the application, users can have different permissions according to their role.

By default, Clevercast creates streaming-only accounts in which videos can only be downloaded by administrators. Clevercast also uses abstraction to generate stream names, which makes them impossible to discover. If you require an additional level of security, we offer the follow possibilities:

  • GEO-IP restrictions: whitelist or blacklist viewers based on country, domain or IP-address
  • Encrypted URLs with temporary validity: URLs are only valid for a limited time, which makes them hard to share with third parties

Note: please keep in mind that a 100% waterproof solution for confidential videos doesn’t exist. Viewers can use screen recording software, or film the video on their screen with a camera.

Other tools and techniques

There are also a number of tools and techniques to achieve specific objectives. For example, videos can be streamed in different resolutions, streaming latency can be modified, videos can be broadcasted with realtime translation, simulcasted or automatically archived, videos and subtitles can be ingested via FTP hotfolders, tags can be automatically added, videos can be securely shared with third parties …

About Clevercast
Clevercast helps businesses to produce, manage, publish and and enrich interactive live and on-demand videos. Our applications provide companies with their own secure platform which can be styled and customized as desired. All our applications are fully GDPR compliant, mobile friendly and use adaptive HD streaming to optimize video quality for viewers around the globe.