Tech.Lounge Brussels presents Clevercast Studio

Tech.Lounge Brussels presents Clevercast Studio

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  • On 14/02/2018
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Business center BluePoint recently opened Tech.Lounge Brussels, their new ‘connected’ coworking space equipped with the latest technological applications. In addition to a brainstorming arena and a fully digital training center, Tech.Lounge Brussels also includes a professional video studio. The studio is designed based on Clevercast Studio4all and lets users without audiovisual knowledge record high-quality videos.

New users can start immediately, without prior training. Camera and audio settings can be remotely controlled by the speaker while testing his presentation. The studio also supports a retractable green key backdrop. A thumbnail gallery lets the speaker select his preferred background image or video loop. He can do this from his presentation position, while the settings and the recorded video are visible on LED screens opposite him. Therefore, no extra recording staff is necessary.

A multilingual and easy-to-use wizard guides the user through the process of recording, editing and approving videos. Before each recording or live stream, the speaker can select a presentation layout. Different layouts are available to combine video and presentation. Slides and other presentation materials are merged into the video, directly from the speaker’s laptop. Afterwards he receives an email with the download links to his videos.

The recording, processing and distribution of video is done entirely in the cloud. This makes the solution perfectly scalable. Extra storage space and processing power are readily available, without any local adjustments. The Clevercast SaaS platform contains all necessary functionality to produce and manage interactive videos, webinars and live streams.

On our Clevercast Studio4all page, you can see the studio in action at the BluePoint Tech.Lounge or watch a video made at the inauguration.

What is Clevercast Studio4all?
Clevercast Studio4all is a concept allowing companies to develop their own professional video studio that matches their specific needs. We work with a number of building blocks that can be freely combined. In consultation with you, we design a custom studio setup and install it on your premises. The result is an automated video production facility that is cost-effective, scalable and easy to use, and allows you to produce high-quality video without any help. We also provide further support and think along with you about future improvements and expansions.