Automate video production using Clevercast Player’s Dual Canvas

Automate video production using Clevercast Player’s Dual Canvas

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  • On 08/12/2019
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Clevercast Learning and Clevercast Webinar make it easy for companies to set up their own web application for live and on-demand videos (e-learning courses, webinars, conferences). To qualify for accreditation by professional and governmental bodies, Clevercast tracks and verifies student presence and attention. Clevercast also lets viewers interact with the presenter, moderators and each other through chat, Q&A, surveys, audience polls…

Clevercast Player has the ability to display the presenter and his presentation on two separate canvases. This has advantages for both video production and viewers. It also allows for automatic creation of chapters when converting from live to video to on-demand.

Viewers determine what they are seeing

With a dual canvas, viewers can decide themselves what they are seeing: both images side by side, one in a cut-out (PiP), or one in full screen. Viewers can switch views dynamically, for example to watch a Powerpoint slide with lots of text in full screen. This works in all browsers and on mobile devices. Note that the second canvas may also contain videos.

Automated video production

The dual canvas lets you fully automate the video production. The videos of speaker and presentation can be sent separately to Clevercast, without the need for a mix. For example, during a live stream, the camera’s built-in encoder can be set up to broadcast the video of the presenter while his laptop broadcasts the presentation.

On-demand video chapters

During a live stream, Clevercast automatically records both streams in the cloud. When the live stream is published on-demand, Clevercast can extract the unique frames from the presentation and set them as thumbnails. These thumbnail images can be used by viewers to jump to the corresponding points in the video.


Below is a demo of Clevercast Player with a dual canvas. Use the controls on the right side to toggle between the different views. You can also drag the cut-out across the screen.

Clevercast’s HTML5 player works on all devices, without installation or plugins.

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